Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Floating navigator active 1 11 years
Numeric Keypad does NOT work in MS4, but continues to work correctly in MS3. For rapid music input, I have an "M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3" (attached by MIDI/USB) and a separate numeric keypad (attached by USB) needs info 4.0 1 1 year
Fingering-text should be given an additional style option for single-multi voiced active 3.6 2 2 years
musescore "tranport" play/stop permitted without 'Jack Audio' active 3.3 1 4 years
Half to quarter active 10 10 years
Mixer Viewing Issue needs info 4.0 7 11 months
Jumpy playback cursor active 3.6 0 2 years
The play button doesn't work needs info 3.3 1 4 years
Double Click functions active 6 4 years
Special characters missing in Edwin, here esp. cyrillic letters active 4.0 5 1 year
The uppermost linked stave controls playback only after saving and reloading the score. active 3.6 5 2 years
slight pause in time when looping track active 2.3 5 5 years
Put split and join measure on context menu active 4 9 years
Transpose not working needs info 4.0 2 11 months
figured bass slash 4 active 3.6 0 2 years
Octave shortcut is not working on macOS using Swiss-French keyboard active 3.3 5 4 years
Mixer "solo" doesn't apply in audio export (though mute does) active 3.0 8 5 years
Can not input underscore for lyrics melisma GitHub issue 4.0 8 6 months
Measures can't be selected if Voice 1 is turned off (and no notes in other voices), "No destination to paste" if pasting onto a measure where only lines/dynamics selected. active 3.6 0 2 years
no drumline sounds needs info 3.4 1 4 years
Bar numbers not updated after changing instrument order and scaling active 1 10 years
SUBSCRIPTION TAB WILL NOT OPEN needs info 3.6 4 1 year
Slurs do not obey "Change voice" command active 3.4 3 3 years
Linked measures (copy & "link-paste") active 2.3 0 5 years
[Mac] Cannot minimise or close Pianoroll Editor or Edit Drumset via shortcut active 2 10 years