Issues for MuseScore

Title 降序 Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Vertical frame: Unexpected behavior of Top gap active P2 - Medium 3.0 5 3年
Vertical instrument names active 2 6年
vertical justification algorithm separates unbracketed staves of multi-staff instruments (making correct organ engraving impossible) active 3.6 19 1個月
vertical justification defaults to false for imported scores active 3.6 1 2個月
Vertical justification of staves: "Min. staff distance" also affects grand staves and staff/tab active 3.6 3 8個月
Vertical misplacing of "inverted" slur, if a system has 2 voices active 3.0 0 3年
Vertical position of fermata is different on note and rest active 1 7年
Very difficult to select text frame with a full line of text active P2 - Medium 3.0 7 2年
Very long WorkSpace title leads to error PR created 3.5 3 1年
View menu: tick box selection lost at end of session active 3.0 0 2年
View score pages vertically in an easier way active 2.3 3 3年
Viewing part and changing tablature preset causes crash needs info P2 - Medium 3.0 9 3年
Violin clef in Drumset piece with percussion clef active 2 6年
Violin defaults to "slow" patch active 3.0 2 2年
Violin Starts on Slow Violin Express needs info 3.3 2 1年
Violone has incorrect short instrument name active 2.2 1 3年
Virtual keyboard width active 3.0 0 2年
Virtual Piano Keyboard used by itself (not Note Entry) uses transposition of top staff needs info 2.1 3 5年
Virtual singer active 3.0 4 3年
Visual interface of MuseScore active 3.0 4 4年
Voice change removes articulations/ornaments active 3.2 5 3個月
Voice selection active 1 8年
Voices 2-4 not padded with rests when lengthening a measure active 3 7年
voices does not open/Partijen opent niet needs info 3.0 3 2年
Volta attached to non-top staff deleted when correspond staff is removed active 16 7年