Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Separate language setting of instrument names from the global setting active 6 3 years
Include writable part names for Staves from the plug-in interface active 0 12 years
Stave text entered into parts appears on the main score active 8 9 years
MuseJazz - adjactent note & dot symbols render as squares active 5 7 years
Voltas not replicated to parts if not applied to top staff (or if top staff is hidden) active P1 - High 20 3 years
Courtesy accidental doesn't disappear upon moving note active 9 9 years
Add a "CountIn" also in audio export active 5 1 year
Pedal events in MIDI file not imported by MuseScore active 5 1 month
wrong selection with mouse from right to left active 1 8 years
MusicXML imports Identification information incorrectly -- Encoder tag is mangled needs info 3 3 years
Losing focus for selection when zooming needs info 34 7 years
Trill playback for unpitched percussion active 0 7 years
Need to change reverb/chorus in Mixer after changing soundfont active 3 11 years
Dragging drum note to stave moves flashing cursor to Zoom active 0 9 years
[CAPX Import] Tempi from Capella don't get imported active 4 1 year
Unnecessary time signatures not removed after Undo active 2 2 years
Tremolo collides with tablature active 1 9 years
Preserve view mode choice active 4 8 years
Add option to hide numbers on measures with rehearsal marks active 4 1 year
[MusicXML Export] invalid MusicXML for prallprall line active 1 7 years
cross staff beam has wrong stem direction in imported v1.3 score active 3 7 years
Handbook: Improve formatting of tables active 5 4 years
Unison symbol active 6 10 years
End handle of line can be dragged in front of start handle active 5 2 years
Font appears ragged after decreasing scaling active 7 9 years