Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Chord symbol playback: "Realize chord symbols" dialog shows an extra root note active 3.x-dev 14 ein Jahr
Request method to specify that key signature being added is already transposed active 14 ein Jahr
Percussion clef cannot be assigned to a standard staff active 2.1 14 4 Jahren
Make vertical/horizontal scrolling be a score setting, not global preference active 2.1 14 5 Jahren
Allow wider-dashed and larger-dotted slurs/ties active 2.2 14 3 Jahren
Adding new SMuFL glyphs to MuseScore notehead library. PR created 3.6 14 2 Wochen
Opening a midi that starts before the beginning of the clip causes crash PR created 14 4 Monaten
Chord articulation editor not working active 14 7 Jahren
Notehead bracket collides with elements before notehead active P2 - Medium 3.0 14 2 Jahren
extra notes heard with some sf3 sound fonts PR created 14 10 Monaten
J-key should change spelling of subsequent notes in tie active 14 5 Jahren
Make custom palettes based upon advanced workspace default to not enable editing active 2.2 14 4 Jahren
Deleting soundfont from Fluid Synthesizer while in processing event.type of CTRL_PROGRAM may cause segfault active 2.2 14 4 Jahren
Allow score traversal while Style dialogue is opened active 3.4 14 ein Jahr
Ignore multiple staves in selection when adding system text active P3 - Low 3.0 14 3 Jahren
Portamento glissandos cause squeaking at end active 3.6 15 einer Woche
CJK characters in WASAPI audio device name is broken displaying. needs info 3.0 15 3 Jahren
Copy paste rhythms only active 2.3 15 3 Jahren
MuseScore 3.1.0 Ubuntu random "vanishes" with Undo needs info 3.1 15 ein Jahr
Implement full-size crosshead notes in tablature active 3.0 15 10 Monaten
Ability to have natural sign in Chord names. active 2.1 15 3 Jahren
Crash on deleting two staff type changes at the same location active P1 - High 3.4 15 ein Jahr
Stave distance widens if there is a cross-arpeggio active P1 - High 3.0 15 2 Monaten
Staff previews too small active P1 - High 3.0 15 3 Jahren
Request for transposition to remember "Use Double # and b" setting active 3.6 15 10 Monaten