Preference window collapses when resizing

• Jul 20, 2020 - 11:12
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  1. Open MuseScore.
  2. Edit >> Preferences. The window is too large for my laptop screen/resolution, so the bottom of the preferences window is obscured by the taskbar. (See photo.)
  3. Click and drag from the top or upper corner of the window to resize, and it collapses 'below' the screen and is unrecoverable.
  4. Press 'Esc' to close the (unseen) preferences window.
  5. Edit >> Preferences. The window opens in its 'collapsed' state, and cannot be seen.
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What OS are you on, and is this using the 3.5 RC? (EDIT: never mind, I see from the picture this is some version of Windows, and yes it's the RC)

The Preferences window should already open at more or less its minimum size, so it shouldn't normally even be possible to make it smaller. Are you using a very low-resolution monitor? It should fit on any system that means the basic minimum requirements for MuseScore. Or have you perhaps increased the UI font size or otherwise scaled things to be larger than the defaults?

BTW, you can still move the window using the standard WIndows controls, like Alt+Space to open the menu, etc.

Regression No Yes
Reported version 3.5 3.x-dev

It is one of that tabs that is causing it to be quite a lot highter (and a bit wider too), the 2nd, Canvas, and that got added the Zoom stuff

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Yes, I'm on Windows 10, using MuseScore 3.5 RC. (As far as I remember, this issue didn't occur in 3.4.2, or in 3.5 beta. I believe it only started happening in 3.5 RC.) My screen resolution is 1920x1080, which is the recommended resolution for my laptop screen, and it's set at the recommended 1.5x scaling. I haven't adjusted any of the UI settings in MuseScore from the defaults.

I've attached a gif to illustrate the issue. You'll have to imagine that just below the bottom of the frame is the taskbar. When I open preferences, you can see that the bottom of the preferences window is cut off--it's 'hidden' behind the taskbar (as if the taskbar weren't there), and it doesn't scale to fit the window correctly. Then, I move my mouse to the top of the window, click, and drag. You can see that my mouse moves only a fraction of the way down the screen, but the window reduces size too quickly and collapses below the screen. Note that in the gif, no score is open, but the same behaviour occurs if a score is open.

As I write this, I recall that I experienced a similar issue in 3.5 beta (and possibly 3.4.2, but I don't remember exactly) when resizing vertical frames. After selecting a vertical frame, clicking the resizing handle, and dragging just slightly down, the vertical frame would jump way down the screen, and the 'height' in the inspector was something like 1000 or 10000. I could only resize the frames by typing numbers in the inspector. However, I haven't been able to re-create this issue in 3.5 RC, so I'm not able to send you a capture of it happening. But maybe the two issues are somehow related?

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Depends what you call a duplicate :) Not trying to be snarky. The other is on Linux, and I'm on Windows; the other had a font-size issue (and workaround), which doesn't work on my system. Fundamentally, yes, probably a duplicate. Some of the details are different, but they could be documented in the other thread.

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My Musescore prefs window (fedora 33) is too big, I cannot change that because the apply button is not visible.
Cause of that too big window? Could be a bug in the new fonts which I am testing for Fedora. How to shrink the window back? How to apply changes without apply-button?

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Entirely different issue, most probably a matter of your screen size and scaling and could get fixed by using the -D option with a suitable DPI value

Have you tried setting QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR to 0, or 1, or unsetting it? How about trying QT_SCALE_FACTOR to various values between 0.5 and 3.0?

Also, try the alpha of MuseScore 4 to see if it also has trouble with your particular OS / settings. There are no plans to have any more 3.x releases.