Musescore 3 Just Won't Open!!

• Feb 29, 2020 - 14:42

Hi, I have been using Musescore 3 for quite a while now. However, since a while ago, it just won't launch. I've already viewed multiple other forums about similar topics, however I have been unable to resolve this issue. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks!


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Rest via Command line? In the time it takes me to figure this out I could code my own notation program from scratch for all I know so why would I risk wasting time digging for how to start the program when I can clearly see that nobody else seems to be able to? I was under the impression the this program wasn't user unfriendly. Just trying to help the situation.

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The program is user friendly. Unfortunately if the program refuses to run, sometimes the only way to fix it is to run it via the command line with the -F option to revert to factory settings. I realize there are many people who have never used the command line now days and there are people willing to walk you through it if you read the instructions and still have questions.

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We're trying to help too :-). To be clear: MuseScore 3 starts normally for literally millions of users, but there are indeed a handful that for whatever reason have problems. Sorry to hear you are one of those! As mentioned, the command-line reset might fix it, and it takes well under a minute, so definitely worth a try.

If it doesn't, then you might also try adding the "-w" option on the command line while you're at it. And let us know how it goes!

Please provide the steps you have tried, so that we are not using up time with things that didn't work for you. Also, what OS?
However. a common problem right now seems to be the Start center. If you can open MuseScore using a saved score, you can disable the Start Center.

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Hi, I have tried starting up Musescore from several shortcuts and from the app list. I am on Windows 10. However, I can't even open the app- when I click on it, my tabs (on the top of my screen) glow grey, and nothing else happens then. Immediately after I click the shortcut, I see the Windows blue waiting icon thing, but it goes away after a few seconds.

Thanks for trying to help!

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We aren't talking about opening Musescore from the icon. The first suggestion was about resetting MuseScore using the Command Prompt (cmd). If you've never had to use cmd, you've been very lucky. Now is not a bad time to learn.
The second method is to go a score that you've worked on in your current version and double click it. MuseScore should open.

Tabs on the top of your screen??? Are you in a browser?

I am having a similar problem. I have Windows 7 (32 bit). I have been using Musescore version 2, portable, for years with no problem. I tried installing the latest version but it always crashes. I tried uninstalling it and installing it again. When I try running it, the palattes do not display, and the display is generally not working properly. It eventually locks up and I have to use Task Manager to kill it.

I had to go back to version 2.

I have the same problem (windows 10). Followed the instructions here about resetting, and it does not work. I also just uninstalled, rebooted and installed the 32bit version. Same exact issue. This is truly frustrating. It just hangs for 15 minutes at the Preparing to install screen. Then says "Install server not responding". When I click re-try it hangs for another 15 minutes and says the same thing (Install server not responding). If I hit cancel if eventually open up.
I go into preferences and turn off start center. Try to re-open. Goes back to windows installer and proceeds to hang again. After waiting and cancelling again after 30 minutes, I get back in, and this time create a new blank score, save it, and then have start center open to that score. Upon re-opening, that also does not work as it again goes back and opens up the windows installer and just proceeds to hang for another 15 minutes.
Y'all really need to get this sorted out.

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Guys, let me say a few things. I think the only folks who have a legitimate reason for not being able to download and open MuseScore are Mac users. And that's on the OS, not MuseScore. There is a workaround for that.

In the last few days I have put the latest version of MuseScore on all 4 of my W10 computers. Two desktops and two laptops. No issues. I can't speak for W8.1 or W7. Well except that there is little to be gained from using them. But that's another topic.

I have to conclude that the problem is your computers over 95% of the time and not MuseScore. How you take care of your machines, matters. Is you HDD almost full? When was the last time you deleted temp files, or even the recycle bin? If you never heard of either of those things, I have to ask what they teach in computer class these days. Because I know not all schools use Macs. Nothing wrong with running a Registry cleaner now and then.

You uninstalled and reinstalled MuseScore and have the same problem? That's no surprise. Uninstall does not get rid of any program entirely. MuseScore leaves behind more than most. You need, at minimum to go into Program Files (x86 for the 32 bit version) And delete the musescore3 folder (saving your scores, of course) as well as folders in App Data. If you know nothing about App Data (a hidden folder) then worry about that later.

If the portable version works but you can't download, install, and run the regular version, think about it. The portable version doesn't install (DUH). I.E. no Registry entries. Therefore if you can't get the full version to run, you might have some Registry issues.

Make sure you downloaded the proper version.

It doesn't take a powerhouse computer to run MuseScore, by any stretch of the imagination. But Chrome is a resource hog. If you are a little light on specs, try to only run MuseScore, at least at first, to get it up and running.

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OK, so I have one of those laptops that's like "OK, we'll give them an 8 GB C drive and we'll make up for that with a big D drive." I install everything I can to the D drive, but every program seems to say "Install it to the C drive. If you don't, that's going to cause some errors." Am I just screwed then if I want to run MuseScore 3?

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You wrote:
"I go into preferences and turn off start center."

OK... That's good, because your ability to access the 'Preferences' dialog means that MuseScore actually opens (loads/launches) - unlike the OP's problem.

You later wrote:
"I get back in, and this time create a new blank score, save it, and then have start center open to that score."

How does start center open if you have it turned off?
Are you pressing F4, or going into menu item: File -> Start Center?

Do not run Start Center at all. Once MuseScore launches (with Start Center disabled in Preferences), use menu item: File -> Open, then choose a (.mscz) score.
Doing as such, does the score file now open without problems?

I have been intouch with several friends who use MuseScore and have given up on the latest version. We all use different versions of Windows (7, 8 and 10), some 32 bit others 64. All of them have gone back to version 2. We all have issues with graphics not working well, portions of the screen not redrawing properly, other portions disappearing, and eventually locking up and crashing. None of my friends are on this forum so the problems are not being reported. I just joined this forum a couple of days age in the hope of finding a solution. I used the version you can download from this web site, as well as a portable version I found somewhere else. Both behaved the same way. The version 2 that I have been using successfully for a very long time is a portable version you can download from

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That’s unfortunate your friends seem to be among the small minority having problems! Please encourage them to report the problems here, as we can’t help with problems no one tells us about! meanwhile, I’m glad MuseScore 2 at least is working ok for you now, but it’s quite limited compared to what’s possible now, so I do hope you can stick with it while we figure this out!

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MuseScore 1,.x, 2.x and 3.x do all work in Windows 7 and later (1.x and 2.x even back to XP). I'm using them since ages. MuseScore 3 on Windows 7 32bit might be a different beast, it is probably the least tested option (I'm on Windows 7 64bit, as are almost averyone else, alone to be able to address more than 3.x GB of RAM).
There is an experimental PortableApp available for MuseScore 3, as 32bit and as 64bit.

There possible is an issue with some missing MSVS DLLs, but there would be an error message hinting at that.

Thank you Marc. I do hope it all gets worked out. The problem seems to be mostly related to the graphics. I did some experiments and found that some of the problems seem to lessen when I tweak my ZoneAlarm firewall. I don't know what the connection is, but I read a post on this forum from someone who had a similar problem with another firewall.

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I finally got the 32bit portable version 3 to work. I had to tell ZoneAlarm anti-virus to completely trust MuseScore 3. It never had a problem with MuseScore 2. However MuseScore 3 must be trying to do questionable things. I dislike having to trust software I didn't write myself so I am not sure how to proceed.

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I would contact the makers of ZoneAlarm, which I take it you didn't write either :-). My guess is they are simply unfamiliar with MuseScore 3 and haven't built in whatever special-casing might be required (anti-virus programs by their nature are full of special cases to detect specific problems in specific contexts). Or maybe it is simply choosing to warn about any attempt to access the Internet, and MuseScore certainly does that in a number of places - to operate the start center and remote services like the PDF import, to access the online support, to send the telemetry data if you opt-in to that, etc.

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Yes, I agree. As soon as I have a little time, I will try to figure out which specific permissions MuseScore 3 needs. Then I can tell ZoneAlarm about it.

But another solution would be to let MuseScore users turn on/off internet requirements. My son, who is going for his Software Engineering degree, has to deal with school computers which are set up to always place restrictions on what a student's software can do. Also, many companies are also placing restrictions on company computers. Obviously, safety and security has become a major concern over the years.

I recently retired after many decades of commercial software development. It has been sad to see how major players, Microsoft especially, placed profits above safety in this field. The whole concept of the Windows registry is incompatible with Windows' current dependence on the internet. It is no wonder that most Windows updates are "security" updates. This all gave rise to the push for "portable" software, which should more aptly be called "compartmentalized" software.

Anyway, I have also been a musician and music teacher so I use MuseScore from time to time. I think that it is a excellent example of Open Source software. I am grateful to its developers.


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Thanks for the kind words!

There is a command line "-w" to turn off the web interface in the Start Center, you can also turn the Start Center off. So if that's the issue, it's easy enough to work around it that way as well. For the most part, though, it's not necessary - if you are on a computer that can't connect to the internet, it normally just fails gracefully. Could be something ZoneAlarm is doing that is getting in the way. Like you, I don't always trust software I didn't write, but in this case, with MuseScore, "I wrote the damn code" (well, some of it anyhow, mostly I've just been looking for an excuse to use that line...)

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Well your "damn code" is pretty damn good!!!

But why does the Start Center need internet? Maybe it should default with no internet and let the user turn it on if needed. I say this only because I have been reading several posts where people are having different issues which I now believe are all related to this one problem.


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The right hand part of the start center uses the Internet to access
"Check for updates", "Language" updates and the Resource manager (for extensions and language updates) need internet
Save online needs internet, the Help function (F1) needs internet
The Feedback function needs internet, as does "Report a bug"
And finally telemetry too (if you give it the permission)

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"However MuseScore 3 must be trying to do questionable things." Forgive me, but this is a particularly disturbing statement that doesn't make sense to me. It's one thing to protect your computer. But quite another to hamstring it (possibally too harsh a statement) and then question the software. Personally, I've fixed many computers that failed in spite of, or even because of, overactive AV. I'm sure you have, too. Over the years, I've encountered many main stream, high dollar programs that say to turn off AV to install them.
My wife teaches teachers how to use a particular piece of classroom technology. For this, internet is a must, or it's just a 75 inch boat anchor. Some of the IT people are really good. Some are not. I get that they have rules to follow.
That said, the only internet part of MuseScore I use is the update facility.
I use a few portable apps for diagnostics. I don't think I would ever depend on them for major software. For me, saying that the portable app works, but a newer downloaded and installed program doesn't work, is not the fault of the software. But, rather, points to a problem with the OS.

But, I'm not an expert. And I don't play one on TV :-)

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I am glad we agree that Windows is problematic. But since we are stuck with it, it is up to us developers to work within Windows' restrictions and solve any incompatibilities ourselves. In other words, we have to "fix" our software because we cannot fix Windows. Like it or not, Windows is the most widely used OS in the world. So it sets the rules that we have to follow.
As far as AV programs are concerned, they are a necessary evil that must, by definition, have a higher priority than our applications. So rather than trying to blame one piece of software or another, I think that we should concentrate on diagnosing problems and finding ways of solving them. But the solutions are always implemented in our application software since we cannot change Windows nor the AVs.
Glad to see that MuseScore has such a vibrant and caring community. I congratulate all who are contributing to its development.

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I suppose.
Yet on my system, AV, while important, does not have a higher priority than the applications.

But my point is that a person should be able to download, install, and run MuseScore first shot. If not, it's most likely not the fault of MuseScore.

Fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04. MuseScore3 opens long enough to ask if I want to reload the last session - not sure why, it's a fresh installation of MuseScore too - then crashes itself immediately upon either selection. Like some others here I'm an instructor trying to use the program with a young composition student. His MuseScore is on a Win10 laptop and runs fine. Any hints what I'm missing ? Btw, I can build from source here if that's a preferable option. (Preferable to Ubuntu's hinky installation.)

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Actually to me the ideal way to run on Linux is to download the AppImage from this site. It protects you from most things that can two mg with either self-compile or a version built by others for the repo you got it from. So that’s my first piece of advice, even if you weren’t actually having problems.

If that doesn’t help, next Is try starting from command line with -F, -w, and/or -s to see if that helps. See Handbook on command line options for more info.

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I thought that by adjusting ZoneAlarm I could make MuseScore 3 work, but I was wrong. Every time I run it, there is a 50/50 chance that it will work. When it does not, strange things happen. Sometimes the Palattes window on the left is totally black. Sometimes the pull down menus don't work. Eventually it locks up and I have to kill it with Task Manager.

Since I started a score with this version, is there a way to make MuseScore 2 read the MuseScore 3 file? MuseScore 2 works like a charm, the way it has for years.

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Sorry to hear ZoneAlarm is causing you so much trouble, but I guess that’s good info for us to know.

MuseScore 3 contains too many improvements for us to have been be able to keep that kind of compatibility in the file format. Best you can do is export to MusicXML and open that, but you’ll lose quite a bit along the way.

FWIW, blank palettes would probably be due to problems loading the QML libraries, probably that’s what ZoneAlarm is interfering with.

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I wonder if Zone Alarm interfered with the original installation of MuseScore. Unfortunately a simple uninstall and reinstall won't work at this point. It just doesn't make any sense to me. This should just work. But now we are having to go in after the fact and try to figure it out.
Where did you have install MuseScore? Did you install it as admin? Or run it as admin?

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In Windows 10, you should be able to run MuseScore, or most programs for that matter, in a user account that does not have administrative privileges. If you can't do this, then you rig is set up to block anything from running unless it has the administrator's say so. I would check your Windows installation, your RAM, your hard drive, your folders (they may be encrypted) and folder permissions. You may have to reinstall Windows.

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As I said before, I am running Win 7, 32 bit. I have been using this computer for some ten years without any problems. During this past decade I must have installed hundreds of programs. Some were buggy, most were good. Since this system has been very stable and reliable for so long, I am sure that the OS is OK. And since I have been a software developer since the 70's, I am pretty confident that I probably know what I am doing. To top it off, MuseScore 2 has also been rock stable for many years. The problem here is that MuseScore 3 is not as stable. By reading the forums, and by talking to others who also had problems, it is evident that the current version needs some further debugging. I am not blaming anyone. All software has to go through a lot of testing and debugging; none of this is unusual. So let's stop trying to blame the OS, and let's just accept that MuseScore 3 needs a little more work. Unfortunately, I don't think that anyone is going to solve the problems I have described any time soon. So I have reverted to MuseScore 2. I just tried MuseScore 3, and this time it seemed like it was working. But then I noticed that all of the voices were colored black instead of their usual colors. The problems seem to be random.

Anyway, I thank you all for your suggestions.

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Well, Windows 7 is not supported by Microsoft, not supported by the libraries we rely on, and not officially supported by us, so it's not really a question of MsueScore 3 not being stable in itself. MuseScore 3 runs extremely well on modern systems. It's just that it becomes increasingly difficult over time to support older systems - older hardware, older operating systems. The libraries we depend on may or may not have been well-tested on these older systems, the drivers may have ceased to be supported by their manufacturers making it difficult for the libraries to work, etc. We try our best to make things work on our end, and often it does succeed even on older systems, but all it takes is one driver or libraries to not provide a needed update , and there is little we can do about it. Windows 7 was a fine OS in its day, no one is "blaming" it, and same for 32-bit hardware. It is just an unfortunate fact of life that it can't be supported forever. Older software originally written for older systems may continue to work but new software like MuseScore 3 will have a harder time of it.

By way of comparison: MuseScore 2, as stable as it may be for you, likely won't run well on Windows 3.1 either :-)

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Regarding ZoneAlarm, I was going by the earlier statement "I finally got the 32bit portable version 3 to work. I had to tell ZoneAlarm anti-virus to completely trust MuseScore 3". I take it you are now saying that is not in fact the case?

The fact that you specifically mention graphics issues, and the fact that this is presumably an older computer - or at least, is running an older operating system, and only 32-bit hardware - now makes me suspect something else: OpenGL. MuseScore requires it, most modern systems support it out of the box but some require additional drivers, so we have special handling to allow for software emulation of OpenGL where necessary. Normally this works without any user intervention, but I could easily believe the special handling might not always work on 32-bit systems or Windows 7 systems (although clearly it works on some, even most).

So, maybe try setting the environment variable QT_OPENGL=software, or perhaps QT_OPENGL=angle. See for instance #296682: Palette names are scrambled and nearly impossible to read (Windows 7) and related threads for more info.

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I tried QT_OPENGL=software, and so far things appear to work better. But when I try to enter new notes, all voices are still shown in black. I fixed the problem by running MuseScore 2 (portable version), and then exiting from it. When I then run MuseScore 3, I get the proper colors for the voices. Looks like MuseScore 2 leads and MuseScore 3 follows !!! Could it be that MuseScore 3 is not properly initializing something?

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What should happen is the note is blue or green or whatever immediately after entering, because in that case it is still selected, but notes are always black when not selected. Are you saying even the note just entered is not in proper color? MuseScore 3 provides controls over what those colors are, check Edit / Preferences / Advanced. Could be somehow a previous attempt at running reset those. At this point I'd recommend Help / Revert to Factory Settings.

But,m good news if that environment variable ends up solving the problems in general!

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So, to be clear then, everything is now OK? If not, again, I recommend checking those preference settings to see if the colors show correctly for the voices there (towards the bottom of the list), and in any event doing a factory reset as advised, since who knows what else might have been messed up in all the experimentation in trying to fix things so far.

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Everything is not really OK. I did do a factory reset as you suggested, but...
The color problems are all gone. Great!
I don't know if this is normal, but when I run MuseScore it takes quite some time for it to load, and then it takes 5 or more additional seconds before the Palettes panel appears on the left side of the screen. During that time, the Palettes area is either black or transparent (you can see the desktop).
Often, it takes the pull down menus 10 or more seconds before they can be used. Once they start to work, then they are fully responsive.
The last problem I noticed is in the Plugins pull-down menu. It often lists the ABC Import plugin even though I never use it. When I go to the Plugin Manager, the ABC Import is NOT checked. In order to get rid of it from the pull-down, I have to go to Plugin Manager, check ABC Import, uncheck it, then press OK. But it will return to the pull-down whenever it feels like it. Is that what they call Artificial Intelligence??

As I said before, I have many other programs on my computer with no problems. For example I use SweetHome 3D quite often, as well as other CAD software. And MuseScore 2 is always perfect.

I can live with the problems, but I feel I should report them to you.


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I did more testing and found more problems. Every once in a while MuseScore 3 will think that it is the first time it is run and asks me if I want to set my locale, etc. I know that others have reported this problem.
But more importantly, when I print a score it randomly skips lines of the staff. I wanted to make sure it was not my printer, I went back to the gold standard (MuseScore 2) and printed a score. It came out perfectly. I then opened it with MuseScore 3 (it asked me to reset the positions of all elements) and printed it. Again it prints many staffs with less than 5 lines. I tried the whole experiment again, this time not allowing it to reposition all elements, but it made no difference. So I cannot print from MuseScore 3.

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The only people I am aware of having problems with MsueScore not remembering it has been run before - or otherwise not remembering settings - turned out to be permissions problems in their home fodlers, or in the installation itself (eg, installed for a different user). So do check that.

Regarding printing, I can't imagine what might be causing the system to struggle with lines, but indeed it's a new version of Qt we used to drive printing, and it's possible it is having a problem with certain older printer drivers. See if you can download new drivers that might work better with newer software. What happens, though, if you export to PDF then print that?

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The load time is mostly dependent on the size of the soundfont. The one that comes pre-installed with MuseScore 3 is larger than MuseScore 2, on most modern computers the load time difference would be negligible, but on older 32-bit systems I could believe it might be more noticeable. So you could try installing a different soundfont to use by default, possible just the one you are used to from MuseScore 2.

There is indeed some weirdness with the ABC plugin not being listed correctly, not sure what that's about. Doesn't seem to affect normal life.

It is of course normal that programs designed for older systems will run on them with no problems, programs designed for modern ones may run or may not run as well. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Assuming you are not interested in upgrading your system, best we can do is continue helping to address any problems you discover.

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Please stop comparing "old" versus "modern" computers. ALL of the software I run is always updated to the latest and greatest versions. And MuseScore 3 is the only one I have problems with. I am reading many posts from others with "modern" Windows 10, 64 bit, machines, and the reason they post is that they too are having problems.
Anyway, No offense but I have to move on. I cannot waste any more time on this so I will continue to use MuseSCore 2. I may check on new versions from time to time and see if it becomes more stable.
Thanks for your attention, and keep up the good work. MuseScore is a great project.

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Could well be that the other programs that you are using make the conscious choice to limit themselves to only things that still work on older systems. That’s a valid choice too. But while we do try to maintain compatibility the best we can, we are also very focused on making the sort of really significant improvements that require newer hardware/OS support. That does indeed mean the very small percentage of users still in older systems may have to stick with the reduced feature set of the older versions.

So again, I do encourage you to update your system when you can, so you can take advantage of the incredible improvements in MuseScore 3. But unfortunately, you aren’t likely to see newer versions of MuseScore that work better with older systems than 3.4.2 does. The only way to get the improvements will be to upgrade your system, I’m afraid. Again, it’s not a matter of 3.4.2 not being “stable”, it’s just that it doesn’t work as well on older/unsupported systems. Sure, there are bugs that happen on Windows 10 as well, but far fewer of them per capita, and far fewer of them than there were for MuseScore 2. Yes, lots of people reported bugs in MuseScore 2 - hundreds of which are now fixed in MuseScore 3.

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I agree. This is a world where a piece of tech is 6 months old is then considered out dated. Nothing about W7 32 bit is modern. Professional has always been at least 64 bit. My Home version of W10 is lacking as far as a professional OS goes.
Again, all 4 of my w10 computers have little problem. There can be issues with screen resolution because each use different monitors. One is on a 40 inch TV.
Sure, W7 32 bit works just as good as it always did. Did. Past tense.

So, I restarted my computer, and guess what- IT WORKED!! I didn't think this would work, because my computer would shut down after not using it for a while, but it actually worked! Thanks to all of you who helped me!

We had a problem with ours too. I downloaded the program again and then selected the repair file fix box. It went through the program installed on my computer and corrected the errors in the program. We were able to successfully open the program.

I just installed the latest version of Musecore and then everything went bad! When I click on the Musescore Icon it takes me to a more or less blank page, then it takes me back to my desktop, this happens over and over, no progress. I tried to install an older version, did not help. Things are really messed up now, I should have left things alone when it was working, so what happens now? I have a windows 10 set up on a Dell Inspiron 2350.

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First thing to try is to run the installer and choose the repair option. On some windows systems certain files don't close during install and leads to the problem to describe. If this doesn't work, run MuseScore by double clicking an existing score. If this works, then open edit->Preferences and uncheck Show start center. Please report back on your results.

The latest version is 3.60. Why the problem cannot be resolved in the new version.
I need to go to the CMD and type musescore3 -w. It works.
I tried to create a batch file.
C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe -w
cd C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\
MuseScore3.exe -w

These two script couldn't work properly.
To a certain extend, I better use the Musescore 2. This still work fine.

I too had been using Musescore 3 for a long time but now suddenly it won't open.

I have been through all of the diagnostics in this thread to no avail. I am a VERY competent Windows user.

Upon double clicking the icon, or a .mscz file or even trying launch with reset to factory settings via "C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe" -F , has no effect. The program simply does not start.

A new instance of Musecore Task appears in Task Manager EACH TIME the process is invoked. Killing the processes before relaunch has no effect.

I have "Repaired" and also "Reinstalled" using the most recent MuseScore- having previously deleted ALL trace of Musescore (Program files and %User% Appdata "Local" and "Roaming" folders etc etc) to no avail.

This is VERY frustrating! Any help welcome.

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I'm afraid that if you didn't change MuseScore, that the incompatibility just comes from somewhere else instead. So what did you(r system) change?

Are you aware that if you have a networked printer, it can easily take Windows up to 5 minutes before it decides it can't find it. Since MuseScore uses the default printer information to guess default page sizes, this means the launch of MuseScore is being blocked.

One way to test this is to try and launch with "-t" (test mode) which skips this step. If MS then launches, then you've identified your issue. Do NOT save scores while in this mode as it won't save the version information in the score, leading to possibly weird import behavior afterwards.

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Again though, MuseScore didn't. It has been using the default printer as a means of guessing default paper size for these past 10 years.
Perhaps your default printer was changed, or it's driver updated; which now results in the delayed response if it's unavailable.

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Do you have a problem with MuseScore failing to open for you, too?
If so, please mention what version MuseScore, what OS (operating system), what procedure you perform to open MuseScore, and any (error) messages you receive.
Someone here will be glad to help.

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