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• Oct 13, 2021 - 20:40

This topic is created to collect and discuss issues with the Duration Editor plugin.


I'm going to feature this plugin tomorrow (Wednesday) as part of my weekly MuseScore Café series. I'll be talking about editing in general but will demonstrate this along the way. So hopefully there will be some good comments in the chat! The session is recorded so you can access it afterwards if you are unable to make it live (12:30 PM Eastern / 17:30 GMT)


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"So hopefully there will be some good comments in the chat! "

I'm sure it does! Especially if you compare with examples showing what MuseScore currently does ("eating" the next note, or introducing a rest) and how a copy-paste, within a measure, may already require, depending on the operations to be performed, some knowledge of the program. Or not obvious at all to understand for an inexperienced user.
While the behavior of the plugin seems to me more expected: you want an eighth note instead of a quarter note, you get an eighth note (without the rest that you didn't ask for and enter), among others....
I'll try to watch (without participating, I know the subject a bit already!) the live of this late afternoon in Europe. Good luck!

It should really be the default behavior. Changing the measure size, giving only that little grey "+" (or "-") as an hint is confusing and error prone.
How often do you want these very special measures, versus just changing a note durations??

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"It should really be the default behavior."

We're talking about editing a single measure (singles measures) to rewrite rhythms, so yes, of course, it's a definite time saver and easier for non-experts of the program.

"Changing the measure size, giving only that little grey "+" (or "-") as an hint is confusing and error prone."

Well, it just takes some getting used to. Quickly adopted, I'm sure. Besides, nothing special or new here. These "+" and "-" are already built into the program since the beginning of version 3 from memory.

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As a normal user, if I accidentally "Ctrl-Del" a note, I will have a hard time to understand what is happening. The little grey "-" is barely noticeable and its meaning ... well goggle for "Musescore little minus sign" it is funny.

Doing unusual things like reducing a measure length should not be affected to an usual key combo. (my opinion.)

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I can’t see how a new user would be likely to hit Ctrl & Delete together - it’s not a particularly common combination. In fact, it’s so non-obvious that “how to delete measures” is probably in the top five FAQ.

But indeed, no operation that can adversely affect the duration of a measure should be made too easy to stumble upon by accident.

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I see you want to help me and I thank you for that! :-)
But "my" message is that: inadvertently changing the measure length, which almost nobody want to do, is too easy.

We can discuss how accidentally or inadvertently people use Ctrl-Del, or how many people do use measure of different length ... my opinion is that changing measure length should not be by default affected to a shortcut.

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" my opinion is that changing measure length should not be by default affected to a shortcut."

Since you mention the Ctrl + Del shortcut (but that's not the point of this post), it has been implemented since the beginning of version 3, almost three years ago (December 20108), and I don't think I've read many complaints (have there been any?) about it.

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Agreed, I don't recall any complaints about this in the three years the feature has been available. But changing measure length is a common thing to want to do - creating pickups, matching end measures, all sorts of other quite common operations. It was a gigantic improvement when 3.0 made it possible to do this with single command; I can't see ever wanting to go back to bad old days where more work was required for this common operation. If it were a single key keystroke, I might agree it's too easy, but requiring Ctrl+delete seems exactly the right compromise between wanting ti easy to do and wanting it hard to do by mistake.

if you personally are concerned about doing this by mistake, you're certainly welcome to customize or clear the shortcut. But I don't think other users should be penalized.

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Some observations.
* The "+" and "-" indicators are useful indicators that your measure has not the expected length. This could be on purpose or by mistake. But definitely useful, to alert the user.
* In the plugin, the measure's length varies while you edit. It is increased beyond its nominative for the sole purpose of avoiding avoid the user to loose some notes while in the transition between a state A and a state B of the measure's rhythm.
* Last but not least, this plugin is not about proposing THE solution for editing measures. But about proposing an ALTERNATIVE solution. I sometimes find that the current default behaviour is faster for making the change I want to do. In other times, the plugin approach gets faster. The user should be able to decide which approach to take. It could be "6" to turn a note to half with the current behaviour. And "SHIFT+6" to turn it to half with the alternate behaviour (aka the plugin ones)

I see the duration editor as a crucial improvement, but the plugin isn't downloading properly for me. Is it still available?

I'm sorry, I have to ask again because it still isn't working. The file downloads for me, but it isn't showing up under plugins in the musescore software itself. I click "reload plugins" in the plugin manager, but I see nothing for "duration editor." Do I need to do anything specifically to install the program?

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