Fermatas are miscategorised

• Sep 30, 2018 - 08:05
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Fermatas are currently placed in the 'Articulations' palette. While a fermata could be considered an articulation (since it alters the length of the note), I think it's more suited to the 'Breaths & Pauses' palette (specifically because it's a 'Pause'). I think this should apply to all 7 fermatas in the palette.

Does anyone support this idea? If people do, I'll make the changes and submit a PR.


You know, I was just thinking this same thing earlier today! True, it's not a true pause, but then, it's even more true that it is not an articulation. Because neither is a perfect fit, and because people are accustomed to it, I'd support having it in both places.

However, before we go mess with that, might be good to merge https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/pull/4341 so we can edit the XML files directly. And I'd also like to address the "Staff Type Change" and other layout-related element as per #278205: Move Staff Type Change to another palette (it is not text).

Ursus in mente, fermatas are frequently used to indicate the ends of chorale-lines, even in organ chorale preludes, when no execution/slowdown at all is wanted. And many of us use hidden, playing fermatas as expressive control of tempo (and I wish those distinctions were possible in MusicXML, but they're not).

Would love to see barline fermata pause properties work for inter-movement pauses (now that the fermata-on-barlines issue is fixed).

For Inter-movement pauses use section breaks, they have a 3 seconds pause by default already and should be used to separate movements anyway, so measure numbering starts from 1 and again, and courtesy key and time signture are not shown at the end of the previous section

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Section breaks are too big a hammer in this case (for instance, I don't want need or want measure numbers to restart). The source music I'm working with at the moment (Corelli's La Folia) uses barline fermata to indicate a pause. I can use a hidden "comma fermata" pause to get what I need, so I'm okay. Maybe this is less common than I thought, but it appears to have come up multiple times in the forum.