Musescore 3 accent is MUCH louder, wish this could be an adjustable preference

• Jun 11, 2019 - 00:49

The accent articulation on Musescore 2 was more subtle (default piano sound), and worked perfectly for my music. With 3, the accented note is twice as loud, and I can't use it. There is no volume/intensity adjustment in the accent inspector, can individual note volumes be fine-tuned in the note inspector?


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Accents are apparently giving a velocity adjustment of ~32. This is absolutely extreme and does not make sense in real music. 2.x seems to have adjusted velocity by more like ~12.

This is a bug. I don't have a 3.0 version installed to test now, but it's possible this was introduced in the single note dynamics patchset or something else more recent than 3.0.

People shouldn't have to go in and manually override every note's velocity to compensate for this just to get something remotely reasonable.

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If the velocity setting is offset, the value you write there is calculated relative to the existing value. (Percent)
For example, if the existing value is 64, the value -12 means:
((64/100) * 12) - 64 = 56.32
That is, twelve percent of 64 is reduced from the value of 64.
In this case the value of -50 will result in 32

(Perhaps this division would have been more meaningful if it was x/127)

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