Slurs not keeping their postion after Save and Re-open?

• Nov 16, 2019 - 09:49

As titled, bar 25 slurs of score:
02-08 Allegretto.mscz

were edited as:

After "save -> close -> open" were showing as:

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Interestingly, repitching any note in the same measure makes slurs go to their proper places. Seems to be some issue with the initial layout after loading a score.

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I wonder if this is a byproduct of the fix for this #295703: Slurs to grace notes disappear after inserting measures or some sort of hangover from the original problem. I see many invisible notes after measure 17. Is that intentional or another problem? If they are made visible, the position of the gracenote slurs is also rectified. Odd?

I also see that the creation date for the score is 2017. What version was it last saved under?

Merely reiterating this issue as a major problemo with MuseScore.
Has there been an open issue filed?

Especially with finger-text, there are many instances of required further alterations to a slur, and often the slur customization doesn't get saved right and then on reload there's a surprise to the layout. This is most definitely a major problem rather than something little when it comes to the "beautiful scores" aspect of Musescore, and so far the workaround is having to turn off autoplacement if any customization is to be performed upon a slur, which is too bad because many times the original auto-placement gets the foundation of the situation "in the right ball-park" if you will, whereas without it there's much more alteration required.

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If that was directed to me, there was made no mention of grace notes, but merely a making mention of the fact that slurs often need customization when fingering text is prominent, and in turn, slurs are more prone to being not saved correctly afterwards due to this bug of not saving the customization of placement, so the problem will more than likely be encountered by one who is using finger-text extensively than one who isn't. This seemed on topic with the thread because of the slur-position issue, and since JoJo is famous for knowing when a topic is already in the works within the issue-tracker, figured a post was appropriate here.

Although, speaking of grace-notes, notice that when using the finger entry mode, grace notes don't get selected when pressing space to traverse each note. This of course is a separate issue, and is potentially by design - but it might be reconsidered, so forgive this off-topic paragraph and the following .gif demonstration :)


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I know you didn't mention grace notes, but the original post is clearly about grace notes, so that's what makes me say you must be talking about something else, so best to raise the issue elsewhere. There is no generalized "bug of not saving the customization of placement"- slur customizations are saved in general. What's going on here is likely connected to how slurs are associated with grace notes, And if you're seeing separate issues involving fingering, that's probably a problem unique to fingering (eg, fingering shifts, causing an effect on slurs).

The lack of navigation of grace notes when entering fingering is separate still indeed, so if you don't want that observation to get lost, I suggest filing a separate issue on it.

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