Glissando plays back differently for tied notes vs. a single note of the same value

• Mar 9, 2016 - 05:05

This is with MuseScore v2.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.11.3.

See the intro in the attached score. The second glissando (where the first note is a quarter note tied across the barline to another quarter note) plays back differently from the other glissandos (where the first note is a half note).

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It will be worth discussion on IRC or via developers list - or actually, on the Technology Preview forum - what we *should* do. Right now people may be deliberately breaking notes up into ties because they *want* this behavior. I personally don't like how the current glissando starts immediately - that's not how glissandi are normally played in my world. They usually start around 3/4 through the duration of the note and take only the last 1/4. So if I wanted two half notes with a glissando, I might notate the first for playback purposes as a dotted quarter tied to an eighth, and add the glissando on the eighth, thus relying on the current behavior to give me what I think should have happened by default. But others probably prefer the current default behavior. Perhaps there should be a setitng you can make via the Inspector to control this.

So I don't think it makes sense to do anything on this until there is some discussion as to what most peole would actually want.