Text lost when musicXML file imported

• Apr 4, 2016 - 18:56
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MS 2.0.2 on Win 10 / MS 2.0.3 on Win 7

Import the attached MusicXML file. The verse text located between the "credit" tags fails to appear in the MuseScore file. In other similar scores, "credit" text gets imported into the "copyright" field of "Score properties."

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Title Text lost when musicXML file imported Confirmed in - adding two examples, exported from Finale NotePad
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Reported version 3.2
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Confirmed in on Windows 7.
Attached two additional examples, exported from Finale NotePad; MS misses the text in the credit-words tag

MusicXML allows credit-words to appear at any fixed location on any page, but MuseScore uses different concepts (header and footer on fixed page locations, boxes flowing with the music), lossless import is non-trivial.

The MusicXML importer tries to map credit words onto the page header and footer and ignores others. The attached files all contain instances of credit words appearing outside the page 1 header and footer area.

Feel free to suggest improved algorithms.

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My preference is for no information be lost without warning. So if the MusicXML importer encounters text that cannot be easily fit into a MuseScore category, I would suggest appending a text frame to the end of the score and placing the text there, maybe with some explanation or the XML tags. Or have the 'bad XML' warning pop up, and if you choose to see the details, the box would present the unimported text.

Proof of concept version built, result of importing the files above attached. All texts present in the MusicXML files as credit-words are imported and put into boxes at the top and bottom of pages as defined by the exporting program. Due to differences in layout algorithms, this may not be where MuseScore will place them. Furthermore, our competition (at least my in my Finale and Sibelius examples) tends to export page headers and footers as credit-words too, which may conflict with the headers and footers created by MuseScore. Some manual editing will be required after importing.

As the attached files were created with a modified version of MuseScore 3.4 development, you will probably need 3.4 to open them. No editing was done on these files, this is how they would import into MuseScore.

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