Disable Note Input if there's no bars

• May 1, 2011 - 07:07
Reported version
S4 - Minor

If you delete every bar on a page, Note Input might as well be disabled, as there's nothing to enter.


Reported version 3.0 2.1

Makes me wonder whether we shouldn't simply prevent scores with no measures, as These don't seem to serve any purpose?

because there you just start typing, there are no lines needed first to enter the words into.
MuseScore ain't a text editor, but a sheet Music editor and as such requires the existence of at least one staff with at least one measure to take your note/rest Input

However: a title page for an album might be a valid example for a score without measures (but still needs the staves), been there, solved (or worked around) it with 'hide empty staves'

I suppose one possible use of a score with no measures would be to create a title page for an album (i.e. a series of scores that make up a larger composition). Of course, MuseScore is not really the ideal tool for that sort of thing.

in 1.3 BTW, enabling note entry on a score without measures causes a crash. Back in May 1, 2011, when this issue got created, MuseScore 1.0 was the actual version (and probably crashed too)

When enabling note entry mode on a score without measures in 2.0.3 there's nothing happening at all.
Then again this issue is flagged a minor.

but not without a measure (of some arbitrary length). No measure, no notes nor rests. Whether there are multiple measures and therfore barlines is irelevant here

Note for anyone working on this: remember that frames (including the title frame) have the same base class as measures, and the measure list for a score contains both. So you probably don't want to just check for an empty measure list, but actually be sure there is a measure.