Highlight Musescore piano keyboard keys when midi keyboard keys are pressed

• May 11, 2016 - 16:59
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Graphical (UI)
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I'm teaching online music classes and using Musescore to demonstrate different theoretical aspects. It would be excellent if it were possible to highlight Musescore's piano keyboard keys when I press the same key on my midi keyboard. Otherwise I have to click on the piano keyboard keys when I'm explaining things. Thanks! Musescore is so useful for teaching - I've seen a number of other online courses using it. Hopefully the classes are getting a lot of new users too!


Yes, that would be very helpful!

And in addition I'd love to have the piano keyboard keys highlighted when the cursor moves over the notes in the sheet within musescore (as when 'playing' a piece).

Which it does already (if you hit spacebar or use the Play panel). What it (currently) does not, is when you select a note in the score to highlight the corresponding key on the piano keyboard

The latter would exactly be what I need: as a beginner I more often than not struggle to find out which keys to press to play a chord. Placing the cursor over the chord and then have time to sort my fingers would be a great help for me! In play-mode it's simple too fast for me.

Just throwing a few cents in to the pond, but it would be cool if the colors of the keys corresponded to the colors of the 4 voices (blue, green, red, purple), or something like a staff-property that had a color choice for the corresponding visual color on the keyboard. Also, if any fingering text was applied to a note it could potentially be shown on the corresponding keys. One final thing, even though it was just mentioned that you can slow down playback, it would be nice to have a step-like playthrough method that hi-lighted whatever notes were triggered or still being voiced and required a manual "next" to continue. These are obviously crutches for learning and aren't the focus of a sheet music editor, but they're of a decent sort, and I bet a bunch of amateurs would really appreciate such features.