Add VST Support to MuseScore

• Jun 28, 2016 - 09:57
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Add the feature to directly insert VST plugins (EWQL Play, Kontakt, .... mainly VSTi) in MuseScore without having to use Jack. This would allow to use arbitrary sample libraries (EWQL Synfonic Orchestra, Chris Hein Horns, .... ) for playback. The VST plugins should be inserted on per staff base.


I second the motion. Please add the ability to insert VST effect and instrument plugins into MuseScore.
Currently, MuseScore is the only notation program that conveniently supports writing algorithmic composition code directly in the notation software itself in the form of .qml plugins which, as we know, are actually ECMAScript (JavaScript) programs.

If, in addition to this capability, MuseScore would also support the use of VSTis then CsoundVST or Cabbage plugins could be used to also do algorithmic synthesis from within the MuseScore workspace.

I am a core developer on the Csound team. I am also the author of CsoundVST, the co-author and current maintainer of the vst4cs opcodes that permit Csound itself to host VST plugins.

Feel free to contact me for discussing this request, or for advice, or for answers to your questions.

Thank you,
Michael Gogins
michael.gogins at gmail dot com

FWIW, the current development master branch, also the quite stable 2.2 development branch, have MIDI output support, so it's possible to link MuseScore with a VST host via MIDI out.

Hi @all,
yes, I think this to be a good Idea: MuseScore as Host for Virtual Instruments (VST) and effects, aside FluidSynth with Zita-Soundmix . If you for instance take a look at, there could be the possibility for plenty good sounds and effects and thus improve the sound-output of this good Score-Editor + Printer. In the past, people of developer-team were not so happy with this suggestion. May be, they are willing to support this in near future?


Please consider this feature request! MuseScore as a VST host would be a big boon for playback and expression.

Jack and MIDI out are brought up as workarounds, but there are significant drawbacks:
1) Right now, Jack on Windows doesn't work (soon to be fixed apparently), but in any case requires setup and non-obvious configuration, as well as the hassle of starting JACK
2) MIDI out on Windows requires the user to install and configure a virtual MIDI cable (again not obvious), and from there MuseScore sends Program Change events that reset the parameters on any VST instrument, making them unusable without an event filter (not easy in most hosts). A single MIDI out is still limited to 16 channels, and with no MIDI thru, it's not really possible to use VST and Fluid sounds in parallel.

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