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• Aug 12, 2011 - 04:20
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Unless I'm mistaken,

There doesn't seem to be anything way to tie chords.
You can tie (and slur) individual notes, but you can tie a chord.

This seems to have to do with the inability to select multiple notes at the same time for editing,
I hope I'm wrong about this. But if not, please add this feature to Musescore.


When I click on the stem and tie it says "No note selected. Please select a single note and retry operation".

Is this a bug?

I upgraded and it stil doesn't work.
I'm running Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

It seems like
1)The stem can only be selected by exiting Note Entry mode.
2)Ties can only be made within note entry mode.
3)In Note Entry mode, there's no way to select the stem.

So even when I select the stem, I can't change into Note Entry and click on Tie.

Bummer..... :-(

OK. I figured out the problem. So I'm going to submit another feature request for it.

1)when you have a single note selected and click on tie, it'll create a new note and tie both of them together.
2)This does work with chords. With chords, you have to create notes for both the beginning and end of the tie, go back to the first part of the tie and then click on tie.

3)I should be able to create a chord, select the stem, click on tie, and it'll create a tie (with newly created notes).

I'm not sure what you mean here. As I understand it, if you are in Note Entry mode when you enter the tie (whether by clicking or using keyboard shortcut), MuseScore creates new notes. If you are not in Note Entry mode, MuseScore doesn,t create new notes, bit si ply ties the existing notes. At least, that's what I expect to be the case. Whether you are dealing with a chord or a single note should have nothing to do with whether new notes are created - that should depend only on whether you are in Note Entry mode or not.

Since you mention clicking on a chord to select it, that means you are not in Note Entry mode, and hence, new notes should not be created when you click/press the tie comand. If you want new notes created, you would need to select the chord while still in Note Entry mode, which as far as I know cannot really be done.

this might be a time consuming way of doing it but I just use voice 1, voice 2 etc and tie each individual note works for me instead of having a chord on one voice. Hope this helps

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Same problem here on MuseScore 1.1.

I can tie chords when NOT in Note Entry mode as described above (i. e. create chords in Note Entry mode, get out of Note Entry mode, select first chord and click on tie / press +) but i can't in Note Entry mode.

If i'm in Note Entry mode, select a chord, select a note value (e. g. 1/4) and then press +, the chord is deleted and is substituted by a quarter note arpeggio (from lowest to higest note).

IMHO, the best and fastest behaviour in Note Entry mode should be:
- you create a chord, then select the new note value, then press + (or click on the tie icon), then you get the chord tied;
- you should also be able to create a chord, select just some of its notes without exiting Note Entry mode (e. g. by pressing CTRL key and clicking on them), and get only them tied by selecting the new value and pressing +.

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Alright I got it. Basically you have to make a chord, then make the same chord in the length you want it tied to. Exit note editing and select the stem of the first chord and then click tie/press +. Works for me but since this is an old feed maybe it was a patch from a long time ago.

And for the record, the next release of MsueScore will allow ties between chords to be created directly in note input mode.

BTW, for future reference, it's better to use the forum to make comments or ask questions, rather than reply to already-closed issues in the tracker.