Fixes from 1.1

• Aug 14, 2011 - 16:07
S4 - Minor

I've attached some fixes from my 1.1 package that would be useful to have upstream. I shall describe each below.


qreal is float on arm, not double, so this fixes building on arm architectures by casting variables where necessary.


The linker in wheezy/natty (and later) does not use indirect shared libraries for symbol resolution. This patch makes explicit (in CMakeLists.txt) any implicit dependencies.


This fixes a casting error in exportxml.cpp, which is thrown up by a stricter gcc (version 4.6, in wheezy and oneiric).


This enables PortAudio by default - I'm not sure why this wasn't done upstream initially?


This causes the png icon to be used for the window icon, rather than the xpm one. PNG seems to be supported better.

I'm just updating my trunk branch so I can port the patches.


I commited 13, 22 and 19 in the 1.1 branch in r
I'm not sure about the others. In particular, enabling ALSA and portaudio at the same time by default looks weird. Does that work ? (Mac and windows don't have ALSA, obviously...)

Yep, it works. It seems best to have as many outputs enabled by default as possible: PortAudio, PulseAudio and ALSA are all clever enough these days to negotiate access.

As for the others, 20 is necessary for building, and that was the easiest way to make the linking happen explicitly; CMake wouldn't do it by itself without that addition when I tried.

I just checked the patches against trunk: 13, 14 and 22 are all obsolete now (they've been applied or otherwise fixed), but it looks like 19 and 20 might still need applying there, though I haven't tried building the trunk again yet, either with or without those patches. I think they're both fairly trivial, though.

20 - The build on Windows fails with this patch. Not sure about Mac and other Linux distrib. I put a condition for Linux in r4687. Other people building on linux, please test.

I commited the last patch (14) to enable portaudio by default but I deactivated ALSA by default.

As far as I can tell, in trunk, 13 & 22 are no more necessary.
I ported 19, 14 and 20 in trunk as well.