Add three new Arabic language codes

• Sep 8, 2016 - 20:49
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At request via email I enabled two Arabic languages on Transifex.

Arabic (Egypt) - ar_EG
Arabic (Sudan) - ar_SD

Still needs to be done:…-


I'd need someone to check the Arab country names though
"ar_DZ" = "(العربية (الجزائر"
"ar_EG" ="(العربية (مصر"
"ar_SD" ="(السودان (لعربية "

ar_SD string translation will be completed by Sept 30, regarding the other two ar_EG and ar_DZ I will recommend how to proceed.

Exactly! and the same applies for MSA "Modern Standard Arabic" my recommendation will be hints to what text parts should be taken care of.

@Hatim a couple of notes:

* MuseScore 2.0.3 ships with Arabic (ar) so anything you change on Transifex for that language can be pulled directly into MuseScore via the menu Help > Resource Manager ...

* All languages we will have added as part of this issue will become available in the future 2.0.4 and 3.0. You will have to build 2.0.4 yourself or ask someone to build it for you in order to be able to test the translation work you will be doing.

I hope this is somewhat clear. If not, let us know.

I am fine with testing translation on MuseScore 2.0.3, I just make QM files out of TS ones and throw them in my "\MuseScore 2\locale" folder, and it works!

Reported version 3.0 2.1

My problem is against master, but I'm pretty sure that it applies cleanly to 2.0.4. And afaik the version field is to describe the lowest version having the issue and needing the fix.

Testing by copying the qm file to the right place works wenn the system setting picks that language, but not when you need to explicitly need to choose it, for that you need the corresponding code changes, in languages.xml, which is built onto the program.

If you have a qt_ar.ts ready and don't want to put together a PR yourself, just let me me know and I'll do it for you. Same if there's a need for qt_ar_*.ts

Sure, qt_ar.ts will be ready in a day or two.

By the way, Transifex pushes the language names to youtube as codes e.g. "ar_SD" a bit hard for non-tech people to sort out, is will be easier to have the names look like below:
ar_DZ => Arabic-Algeria
ar_EG => Arabic-Egypt
ar_SD => Arabic-Sudan

If youtube would support different language codes, than we can map them in our script from Transifex to Youtube. Just state the mapping.

Attached qt_ar.ts
Please note:
- I left the "unfinished" tag as is.
- no change for the language declaration, this is an MSA translation and may be accepted by all Arabic speaking.
- I did not change the version number
Not translated:
1- line 4911
2- line 4922
Any suggestions?
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%1: create size is less then 0 => (then)

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Ad A1) Seems those arrow icons have a problem with right-to-left languages?
All the other issues under A) look like right-to-left language issues too, Or at strings that are just too long to fix, maybe?

Ad B) this is by design
Ad C) PushButton and Spantype are gone from master, "Small " and "Build in styles" is still in, will submit a PR for those shortly, guess it should really be "Built-in styles", with t and dash

Status (old) closed active

For issues other than those from C) I don't know hoe to fix or whether they are fixable
But please open a new issue for it.

Note: I am on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Yes! mostly a RTL issue.

For arrows you just need to swap the arrow icons whenever language is either Arabic or Hebrew.

For buttons I think the issue has something to do with the style since even a single Arabic word "eg. message_box.png" (Ignore button) got chopped both sides (4-5 pixels) yet still enough margin exist, perhaps you can solve this all at once by allowing an option (reverting back to Qt native style) i.e. not to use any skin.

For Arabic text, am not quite sure, but am certain Arabic strings aren't too long, I tried making them shorter to no success, "transpose.png" strings are flushed far to the right hitting the embossed frame.
In "inspector.png" strings are chopped at the left end yet there seem extra space available in the spinners they can push.
In "palettes.png" the tooltip string is also chopped at the left end yet tooltips are flexible to room more than 4 word string.
Perhaps something to do with style.