Saving eventually corrupts scores

• Nov 23, 2011 - 22:00
S2 - Critical

If you work on a score in MuseScore and save it continually as you go (as you should), eventually, something happens to the filetype, and when you try to open it again, MuseScore cannot read it.

I have a song called "The Thunderer.mscz" (that is the entire filename). If I hit save repeatedly, it eventually changes to ". The Thunderer" and the "file type" column shows "File, MSCZ" instead of "MuseScore Compressed File" or whatever it normally shows. If you try to open that file, you will see "Reading file failed: Bad file descriptor." The only solution to open it again it to hit file, open recent, and select the score. I have no idea what is going on, but it's incredibly annoying.



It's not the same file you are trying to open. See :
Check in the same directory, and you should have a file named The Thunderer.mscz and another one named .The Thunderer.mscz, (not the dot at the beginning and the comma at the end).
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Aha! Thank you, Iasconic. You are indeed right. That other file is apparently just some backup. I thought it was deleting my actual score file because if you have that file highlighted when you save it, it gets renamed to the . The Thunderer file. I never thought to check and see if there was another, proper file still there. Thanks for re-assuring me. :) Thanks to everyone for your help; issue closed!