Assign MIDI Channels

• created 6 years ago

Hi folks,

some issues regarding assignment of midi chanels.
Sometimes I export my notes to my digital piano. Mostly I use more than 16 voices.
MuseScore re-assigns the 17th voice to the first midi channel. A warning would be great idea when saving the MIDI-file.
But even when I have only 16 voices, the channel 11 is always un-assigned.
My observations are basing on the music-XML file, but my yamaha clavinova piano behaves this way.

Thanks a lot for the great program and I hope you can solve the problem.



Now I switched over to version 1.2 and the problem seems to be solved, but only when I create a new sheet from the scratch.
Is there any way to re-assign MIDI channels by a workaround on existing sheets?
I tried adding/removing of instruments, at the beginning or end.
Else I have to copy the instruments but the information for dynamic (piano/forte etc.) gets lost then.

IMHO it would make MuseScore easier to use with external MIDI devices if you could assign the MIDI channel manually. So I can add or remove staves as I like but be assured that the MIDI channels won't change suddenly.

I think, the idea to assign MIDI channels manually is a good and pragmatic idea.
Maybe it could be considered as a suitable solution.

Category bug task
Status patch (code needs review) active

Behaviour that was mentioned in the first post is as it should be.
Channel 10 is special for drums, so we shouldn't map it to a piano by design.
The implementation of the idea of assigning channels is in full swing. Track the progress there:

Status active fixed

After merging PR 1372 and PR 2126 we export both MIDI channel and MIDI port. 17th piano instrument will have port #1 and channel #2 (don't forget that channel #10 is for drums).

If you need some special mapping, you're able to manually reassign MIDI port/channel:
1. Open Preferences->Score
2. Check the "Show Midi controls in Mixer" checkbox. Apply your changes.
3. Change mapping in Mixer.

Its in the master branch, so will be in version 3.0 if and when that gets released. Probably at least a year away.

Maybe we get get it into 2.1 too (in a month or 2)?