Volta not saved properly, applied to whole score after reload

• Apr 11, 2009 - 12:35
S4 - Minor

I have added a Volta (2nd time repeat) on the last 3 bars.
I can play the music using MIDI and the repeats are played correctly.
I can export to PDF.
I can save.

However once I close MuseScore and restart it, if I open the score, the 2nd volta now applies to all bars.
I can reproduce this bug every time.

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I am unable to reproduce the problem you are describing. I opened the score you attached, saved it, and reloaded it. Both voltas looked correct and played back correctly at each step of the way.

What version of MuseScore are you using?

I tested with both 0.9.4 stable, and the latest prerelease (Windows XP)

I can reproduce this every time.

I run Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit

Sometimes the bug does not show up.
To trigger it again, I remove the 2nd volta and the diminuendo on the last 3 measures (19, 20, 21), then I add the diminuendo (then double click to edit Shift-Right to extend to all 3 bars, then click on each side to obtain a nice alignment on the left with the first note and on the right with the bar line), then I add the second volta (then double click to edit, Shift-Right to extend to all 3 bars, then adjust each side to fall nicely on the correct bar, then lift it up a bit to be off the staff and aligned with 1st volta).
Exit MuseScore
Start MuseScore
Open file
bug (either diminuendo repeated on all bars or volta, depending on which one was fiddled with last it would seem).