Ability to rename notes

• Jan 4, 2017 - 20:52
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

There is a function called “Respell pitches” which I don't quite understand. But a function which lets you change some notes to others (eg, from G♭ to F♯) from a selection. It may be very handy, at least it could be for me right now.


I do not understand “Respell pitches”, and besides, it renames all notes instead of just single ones (ie, renames every note, not only the G♭s).

But then I would have to do it manually. What I want to do is something like changing the notes MuseScore thinks are correct. It should be up to the user, not the software, in my opinion.

For example, let us say we have a score written in C major with some accidentals. We don't want A♯s, but B♭s, so we click an option which makes a modal window appear asking which note(s) we want to change (A-sharp) and what we want them to change into (B-flat). Something like this. In my eyes, it seems more user-friendly.

A bit of elaboration might be needed. The 2.1 nightly builds will almost certainly be compatible with the next release of MuseScore. They allow the selection of all notes with the same pitch, either in the entire score or within a selection. You can then select every B-flat to change to to an a-sharp or what ever. Either all or just in a specified octave. Great improvement!

And you could download a 2.1 nightly, use it just long enough to accomplish the task, then go back to using 2.0.3 - the nightly will not interfere with your existing installation.