"help signs" for bourdons (open bass strings) in tablature are to small

• Jan 5, 2017 - 11:48
Reported version
S4 - Minor

When I try to input the open bass strings, e.g. in a 13-course lute, the existing "help signs" are much too small, even invisible in normal resolutions, as the attached screenshot shows.
This has changed already some time ago probably with the new layout things in the dev versions.
I had to enlarge the score quite strongly to show it in the screenshot - it is the small "5" in the left below corner of the blue field ...


Still is a problem in the current 3.0-dev. You can see it by using a baroque lute 13-course tablature (Tab 6-str. French - another problem: this should be default for many lute instruments), going to input mode and move the cursor downward. After reaching the 7th course below the 6 lines, one should see these signs.
In 2.1-dev this is correct and no problem.

That still isn't fixed in the current versions of 3.0-dev. It isn't a problem in 2.1, so I think that it probably is a side effect of a newer code change ...

In the development versions 3.0-dev (only in these versions, 2.2 is unproblematic),this problem still stays.
I also noticed that the size of the blue help boxes doesn't get changed: e.g. if I use a scaling of 150% in staff properties they will be too small.
The patch I will upload will not change the second problem, because I don't know how to change that.
But I have a patch for the first thing, which I will upload, so that it is possible again to see the actual position.