Waking from sleep or hibernation Windows 10 glitch

• Jan 8, 2017 - 23:34
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When I wake my computer from sleep or hibernation, and Musescore was left open, the following glitch with the UI appears. It's quite annoying since I always hibernate my computer and it takes so long for Musescore to boot up - The only way to fix it is to restart Musescore.

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I don't have that problem on my Windows 10 system, but I use the light colored UI. I wonder if that is a factor.

On the Windows front, have you woke up your computer and then just let it sit there awake a while to see if it will fix itself. Give it at least the same amount of time that it takes to load. It looks like it might be running out of memory and some of the UI features are not being properly loaded, but rather being left invisible with an outline. Perhaps task manager could help you discover if this is the case. Are there other apps open at the same time? Do they give the same results?

I'll see what else I can think of. I really don't believe it's a MuseScore problem, unless it's the dark UI you use - and I don't think that's it.

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I can't reproduce, either. Could be an issue with your particular display driver I guess. Or some other incompatibility. BTW, what do you mean about taking long to start up? Should be a matter of a couple of seconds. Could be something else going on with your system, causing startup issues as well. You should ask about both of these on the Support forum to see if anyone else has ever seen anything like it.

There are an awful lot of scores open on that screen. It probably takes a little while to open all of those files, depending on how big they are. He probably has open previous session (or whatever it's called) selected for startup. As far as start up is concerned there could be custom sound fonts involved, we both know there are a lot of things that can slow down start up.

I'm going to make a suggestion for this forum. When the link is pressed for the issues forum, the user should be taken to a page with instructions for using this forum that basically says to please ask for help before filing an issue/bug report since most issues can be resolve by the user and there are several people who volunteer to help with advice on the other forums. It will reduce the number of duplicate issues and bogus bug reports that are closed as soon as they are reported. I personally don't care where the users post their problems, I'll help them any way. I think this would make those who track the issues happier.

Fwiw, the main practical advantage of asking for help in the forum first is that many more people will see and be able to help. So you get answers faster, and developers can focus more time in development. They are also more likely to see that others have asked the same thing and to benefit from previous discussions. Also the discussions stick around for future access whereas closed issues disappear from many searches.

I think that would help deter bogus bug reports. I would put enough on the page that most people would have to scroll down to enter the bug report. You can put "PLEASE READ THIS" in a 96 point font and a lot of people won't. If they have to scroll to enter the bug report, they're more likely to read some of it before they scroll. I would start the spiel with something along the lines of, "Prior to entering a bug report, please request help through our forums by clicking here." (Here is a link to the technical assistance forum). I would put this in a larger bold font so it will catch peoples eye. I have filed a couple of issue reports and I've never clicked the link. I consulted with the support forum first.

Ok, I've been looking through my old posts and didn't realize this one had replies. So I'm a little late (8 months), but thanks for the heads-up about the issue tracker.
In regards to the glitch, yes, I do have "start with previous open scores" on, and no, the problem seemed to persist forever. The easy way to fix this is to just close the program whenever I want to hibernate, and to keep only a few scores open by the time I close (to minimize start-up time). If that's not causing long startup, then it would probably be my disk, which seems to constantly be at 100% whenever I boot up my laptop...but that's my problem. There's still the issue of the broken UI, which I'm afraid I have no other information on. It even happens in 2.1, I'm pretty sure....

(A few moments of testing later) Well I just slept and unslept my laptop, and the problem isn't there. It seems to be fine for hibernating as well. So maybe it's just hibernating in the long term that causes this issue (since I often left it hibernated overnight before), but for now, it seems to be fixed.