Adding a new instrument above a staff with notes causes crash

• Apr 21, 2009 - 18:09
S2 - Critical

Start new score - 4/4, Eb, 48 bars.
Add title, instruments: Mezzo voice and Piano
Write 8 bars simple melody in voice - no ties
Write simple accompaniment in LH piano, no ties
Wish to copy voive to flute part.
Add Instruments - addf flute
Move it up above the piano.
End "add Instruments"

Crash. "ask run time to terminate it in an unusual way"

Checked twice.


Confirmed using r.1753, Windows XP

Here's a simplified procedure:

  1. Create a new score (I used flute)
  2. Add a few notes to the score
  3. Create > Instruments to add another instrument (I used trumpet)
  4. Click "Up" to move the new instrument above the existing staff that already has notes in it
  5. Press "OK"

MuseScore crashes

If you add a new instrument below the staff that already has notes then MuseScore does not crash.

If I understand you, the crash occurred because the flute was moved above the piano staves, but there would have been no crash is the piano had no notes in it?