Fingering collides with other score elements

• Mar 27, 2012 - 17:55
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S1 - Blocker

1. Open attached score.
2. Drag an object from the Fingering palette to a note, or select note and double-click object.

Result: The object collides with the chord.

Discussion: Only applies to chords - single notes work correctly.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (5497) - Mac 10.7.3.

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Fingering collides with chord.mscz 1.38 KB


Single notes do not work correctly either certainly not for guitar

Fingerings in guitar and piano are normally placed just to the left of the note.

As you can see the fingering in this attached guitar piece is colliding with other score elements, making a lot of work in cleaning it up.

Applying adjustments in style don't appear to work.

Some of this fingering was placed after entering a negative offset of 3mm in the X axis - you can see it has actually shifted to the right!

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Clawhammer Clancybadfinger.mscz 4.5 KB

In that score, the position of fingering is off, and the numbers collide (rather than colliding with notes themselves). Might be different.

You have multi-voice in the score, something in which collisions could happen?

The resulted collisions you see are from selecting the note to be fingered then double-clicking the relevant Fingering Palette icon.

I did try with a string number in voice 2 as well, but the result was to place it above the stave instead of near the note it was intended for, so there is clearly work to do in this area.

If we can get default finger number positions sorted first, then move on to string numbers I think this would help.

In what way do you mean the position of fingering is off? As I said most of these were placed in the default fingering position.

Regarding multivoice - yes - multivoice is standard in most keyboard and guitar pieces, and so needs to be considered when writing algorithms.