Transport is not exactly 'Transporte' (Spanish)

• Apr 11, 2012 - 12:17
S5 - Suggestion

I am a spanish user and even when it is a frequent bad translation (false friend), it is ambiguous and confusing that the name of the transport bar is translated as "Transporte", at the Display menu.
This happens because in Spanish "Transporte" means transposing, I think it would be better using "Reproducción" (Playback) o "Controles de reproducción" (Playback Controls).

Thank you very much for all your fine job.


Title Transport is not exactly 'Transporte' (Spanish) deleting notes and notes from whole measures
Status (old) closed active

I recently downloaded the free Musescore and am trying to use it, but the entire program is not very user friendly as far as simply deleting a note or notes from a whole measure. It is difficult to simply insert something as well between notes. Other programs are far better. One thing muse has a musician can add any number of instruments and MIDI input is superior, but everything else on a basic level is terrible. It's so terrible I have to use other software just to transcribe notation.

Title deleting notes and notes from whole measures Transport is not exactly 'Transporte' (Spanish)
Status (old) active closed

Please don't highjack a completly unrelated bug report, use a new forum topic instead.

And if you do post to the forum - which I encourage you you to do - be sure to describe in more detail what it is you are having trouble understanding how to do, so we can explain it to you and/or point you to the relevant documentation. MuseScore really is quite easy to use and works extremely well, but you do have to take the time to learn how to use it.