Text elements automatically break multi-measure rests

• Apr 21, 2012 - 20:51
S5 - Suggestion

When entering a chord symbol on an empty bar via CTRL-K, and extracting the corresponding voice, many empty bars are summarized in a multi-bar break. Expand breaks doesn't work here, and the chord symbols are only visible if something is entered in the bar.


It's normal that measures containing no notes would be collapsed into multimeasure rests if you have the multimeasure rest option turned on. If you don't wish to turn off that option, but would like to prevent certain measures from being collapsed, set the "Break multi measure rest" option under Measure Properties.

The feature I request is "not to collapse bars if chord symbols or text are attached to it".
(Besides, currently the multimeasure rest option isn't working for me. I will open a bug report.)

Title Chord names invisible after creating multi-bar breaks Text elements automatically break multi-measure rests

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