"Break multi-measure rest" not working after exporting voice

• Apr 22, 2012 - 15:48
S4 - Minor

When exporting a voice containing empty bars, the bars are collapsed. The "Break multi-measure rest" option in the measure properties is not re-expanding them.
I am using Ubuntu Linux 11.10.


1. Create two-instrument score with 32 empty bars each.
2. Extract one voice via file>extract voices(or similar, mine is in german)
3. In the newly created file, the 32 bars are collapsed
4. Select those and right-click measure properties
5. Tick "Break multi-measure rest"(or similar)
6. For me, nothing changes

Measure Properties does not work on multiple measures at once. When you attempting to set the "break" property, it actually applied only to the first measure, which already started a new multimeausre rest, so no change was visible.

In order to apply this property to multiple measures, you have to first turn *off* the option to create mutlimeasure rests, thus getting back to where you can see the measures individually. Then you can apply the "break" option to each specific measure at which you wish to see the measures break.

Needless to say, this is not a reasonable way to completely disable multimeasure rests within a selected region. I'm hoping that for 2.0 the new "object inspector" will be extended to be able to apply properties to multiple items. Feel free to submit an official feature request to that effect.

Anyhow, meanwhile, a reasonably efficient way to suppress creation of multimeasure rests throughout a region is to put invisible whole notes in voice 2 in each measure. create once measure that way, copy & paste it to the rest and/or use the "R" shortcut to repeat the selection - should take a matter of seconds to fill as space as you need this way.