Pedal lines & hairpins cannot be extended to next system

• May 25, 2012 - 00:36
S4 - Minor

1. Open attached score.
2. Drag pedal marking from 'Lines' onto first note.
3. Double-click the pedal marking.
4. Click on the box at the end of the pedal marking.
5. Hold 'shift'.
6. Press 'right' on the keyboard until the pedal appears on the next line.

Expected result: No pedal symbol appears on the next line.
Actual result: A pedal symbol appears on the next line (see attached PDF).

Discussion: See attached PNG of how the pedal line should appear (generally) if extending it onto another line.

(Credit: 'Fur Elise' by Lugwig Van Beethoven - Keith Prowse Music Publishing Co. Ltd.)

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (5663) - Mac 10.7.4.


Extending the pedal no longer continues to the next system - same with hairpin.

1) open score in above example
2) drag line to first note
3) double click
4) shift+right until you reach end of the system
5) shift+right again

Result: line moves to the right rather than extending.

FWIW, if you do create a multi-system pedal (by adding a line break after creating the pedal line), the Ped symbol no longer appears on the continuation line by default - but Line Properties allows you to add it. So I'd say the originally describe behavior above was not a bug, just a question of which way the default should be.

The problem is when you double-click, the incorrect grip point (vertical size) is the default. If you select the correct grip first it seems to work.

Ah yes, that's odd. If you just double click and immediately start extending (with the center handle selected), it extends but only to the end of the system. If you want it to extend beyond one system, you have to select the rightmost handle. And you have to do this *before* you hit the end of the system; if you want until the line extends to the extend of the system, it's too late, and selected the right handle won't help.