Remove "public domain" from license options in Save Online ...

• Feb 8, 2017 - 06:06
Reported version
S4 - Minor

On, we retired the "Public Domain Mark" option under the licenses. The reason is that for newly work, the creative commons copyright waiver, i.e. CC0 should be used instead.

Simply scrapping public-domain as possible option is not the right solution though as there will be existing work on under this license. So in case a score is edited (and saved online) which has this license option, the option should be listed and selected in the license options list. In case the work has not been saved online yet, or has another license selected, the public domain mark should not be listed.

While on this issue, also update the wording to be on par with the licensing terms on

Screenshot 2017-02-08 07.00.05.png

Once applied to master, this issue can to be backported to 2.1.


Perhaps the software could pull it's list from the website somehow? It would ensure they remain in synch and future changes only need to happen on the server then.

@Jeetee We actually used to interface the musescore site with the creative commons api to pull in their licenses, but scrapped it as their api wasn't stable enough. Given our bad experience with that, we don't want to end up in the same situation. Anyhow, this list isn't going to change anymore any time soon.

Actually I was suggesting to have the musescore application interface with the site to retrieve the list. How manages/creates it wouldn't matter then.

Would adding `if (updateExistingCb->isChecked())` to mscore/uploadscoredialog.cpp, line 65 be sufficient?

Problem with master is that we can't really test it, as that "Save online" is disabled there.

And while being at that dialog: the link there to doesn't work anymore. Most probably needs to get fixed on the server, as we can't fix it for the existing MuseScore 2.0.x anymore. Maybe just redirect to

Thanks for reporting that link issue Jojo. I will be using this link instead now which will redirect to the help section.