File Lost After Crash

• Jun 26, 2012 - 19:47
S2 - Critical

version 1.2
revision 5470
WIndows 7

MuseScore crashed and upon reopening asked if I wanted to resume from an unexpected closing. I said yes but it didn't find the unsaved file I was working on. I quite and restarted and musescore started up with the message that the file type was unsupported.

What's going on? Is there any chance of finding my file?


- George -


Have you tried restoring from the backup?

MuseScore saves a backup file every so often in the same directory as the original.

The only difference is that it adds a , to the file suffix.

All you need to do to restore from this backup is remove the , by renaming the file.

assuming you are not intending to fix this problem with a patch i have unassigned you :)


So, if there is no usual backup file (and I am not sure why there wouldn't be, I was working on the file for a few hours, but it seems to be true that there isn't) is there anything else I can do? . . . Is there some other form of backup? What would be the name of a backup file of a file that was never saved at all? Are there other folders to look in?

Regarding a patch, 2.0 is now the focus - there will be no more work towards 1.2 (what otherwise, would likely have become 1.3).

If you didn't save the file at all then MuseScore would not be able tto save backups as it woldn't have a filename.

It is good practice to save your score immediately affter creation so Musescore can take backups.