Allow the dotting of a note during Note Input Mode

• Feb 17, 2017 - 07:20
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S5 - Suggestion

There are two main ways of inserting notes:
    1) Set duration then insert note-pitch, or
    2) Insert pitch of note and if incorrect change the duration
    afterward either via the toolbar, the numerals, or even the
    increase/decrease shortcut
Both are allowed, and it'd be a set-back to not allow one or the other way. One can easily insert a C-note and then realize it needs to be a longer tone and press the 'W' shortcut until proper or be more precise and use the numerals. If dotting is required, you use the '.' shortcut.
    When in Note Entry mode, all of these things are true except being able to dot a note. All "duration" changes can take place within Note Input Mode except for the dotting function. This doesn't make much sense and is a setback under certain circumstances. You can even "tie" a note while in Note Input mode, but you can't dot it. Pressing '.' will set the dot function for the next inserted tone, but it won't apply to the currently highlighted note. This is not the case with duration in general: if a 'W' is pressed or a '3', it won't just set for the next entry but will apply also to the currently highlighted note while in Note Entry mode. Please also allow dotting to apply to the currently highlighted note while in Note Input mode. A while back I was told it doesn't work because that's not how you're supposed to do it, but I don't know how many times during my learning experience while transcribing I had to jump in and out of note input mode just to dot a note, and albeit it was due to not setting the duration properly beforehand, there still is no decent reason to not allow dotting for someone who doesn't get the duration properly before inserting the pitch, forcing them to go out of Note Input mode to do so and then jump back into it again to continue note entry.


Aside from wanting to discuss this in the forum rather than in here, I see one very obvious flaw in the proposition that would entirely break workflow 1:
How do you envision entering a 1/8th note followed by a dotted 1/8th note if your proposal were implemented?

Currently I use method 1 and press N 4 [A-G] . [A-G] If the dot were to also affect the already entered note, I can't enter this rhytmic pattern anymore.

Nice point.
Let me clarify "highlighted" not to mean a selected note-head post-entry but the highlighted slot as in the blue selector that moves forward after entry in conjunction with the note-head. This currently requires navigation, i.e. the left-arrow to place the highlighted slot upon the note needing to be dotted post-entrance. Once the dotting occurs, then the highlighted slot would once again move forward as does an increase of duration. To reiterate, the above mentioned note-entry method by jeetee would still be valid and function properly.

Argh: as stated, there is no need for this particular request number due to its being a re-iteration, but hopefully this will strengthen the feature request's odds in being rolled over into the new system recently discussed on the forums and implemented prior to 2.1 solidification.