Request for command to change duration (including adding dot) retroactively in note input mode

• Aug 23, 2016 - 15:21
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The current system requires that the user exit note input mode in order to dot a note. This seems to be an unnecessary step. An analogous situation, which is more favorable, is adding a tie. After entering the second of two notes which are to be tied, it is only necessary to use the left arrow key to go back to the first note, then press the tie icon, which adds the tie and automatically jumps back to the current input position. The same logic could be used to dot notes, i.e., use the left arrow key, then press the dot icon.


No need to leave note entry, just select note value, then dot, then enter the note.
changes of the lengh of existing notes indeed requires leaving note entry, unless you just overwrite the existing note with the changeg one.

Title don't require exiting note input mode in order to add a dot Request for command to change duration (including adding dot) retroactively in note input mode

The dot is a duration key like the others, meaning that while in note input mode, it controsl the *next* note to be entered, not the *current* one. So, just like clicking the half note icon while in note input mode doesn't change the most recently-entered note, nor does clicking the dot icon. You are normally supposed to select the duration - including dot - *before* entering the note.

However, mistakes happen. Sometimes we enter a quarter note when we meant to add a half note, or a dotted quarter. In either of these cases, it might be nice to have a command to apply a duration change to the current note. So that seems like a valid feature request to consider some day.

I support fully this feature request (in particular so many times, oblivion to click on the dot icon...)
Eg, GP does this.

FWIW, I would not want to see a retroactive-dot command only. I'd want the ability to change duration of the most recently entered / selected note in any way I see fit - changing half note to quarter, etc. Yes, Q & W can help with this, but better I think would be a toggle or modifier you could combine with a duration shortcut (or when using the toolbar). Not exactly sure how that would work since we already use a bunch of the modifiers with the numbers. But anyhow, I think any retroactive dotting command should be seen in this larger context.

Perhaps assign a shortcut (maybe alt-m) that says, the next button only applies to the last added note. So if you forgot to dot it: alt-m . adds the dot. You made it a dotted 1/4 note and wanted a dotted 8th note. q alt-m . fixes it. You wanted a 16th note rather than a 1/4 note alt-m 3 fixes it. If you wanted a dotted 1/4 note instead of a whole note you would have to alt-m 5 alt-m . to fix it. I think situations like this would be the least used.

IMHO q should change a dotted 1/4 into a dotted 8th and so forth rather than the current 8th (with no dot). w should make a dotted 8th a dotted 1/4 and so forth.

The "alt+m" command you propose is more or less what I was thinking. There is something about it that seems inconsistent with the rest of the interface, but it's the best solution I can think of right now.

Modifying the behavior of q & w is a possibility as well, probably simpler to implement and more consistent. It would be more efficient in some cases, less so in others, but hopefully a win overall.

"I'd like to see Q and W do dots."

I just noticed that if press Q & W on an already-dotted note, then Q & W basically ignore the fact that it was dotted, and instead transforms note into next non-dotted duration. I think that pressing W on a dotted quarter note should turn it into a dotted half note. (In other words, keep the dotting if exists).

"Modifying the behavior of q & w is a possibility as well, probably simpler to implement and more consistent."

What if holding shift while pressing Q and W would go to next smallest or largest single-dotted or non-dotted duration. So for instance, pressing shift W on a quarter would turn it into a dotted quarter, and pressing shift W again would turn it into a half note (non-dotted). This way we keep the same previous behavior of Q and W for non-dotted notes.

Interesting idea that I would not throw out having the shift basically add or subtract a dot. I like it. I would prefer W to double ALL notes and Q half ALL notes. With those two commands I don't think my proposal to have a command that says to modify the last note, because most durations could be made with few key presses.

But then you have to press W and Q twice as much to get to your destination. And users brains are already programmed to know that Q and W will half or double, so shouldn't change behavior and force them to rewire brains.

Side benefit of this solution: it might help put Q & W on people's radar. These are useful commands but probably little-known (and I know I usually forget all about them).