left-to-right unicode languages mixed with SMUFL symbols will overlap

• Feb 23, 2017 - 12:11
Reported version

The following I notice on 2.1-dev 2f5fd1e as well as 3.0-dev.

If copy and paste the attached text arabic-word-for-music-inside-of-two-SMUFL-repeat-symbols.txt into a new staff textbox, then the end repeat sign overlaps with the arabic text:


I should note that if use supplmental unicode symbosl for reepat instead of SMUFL arabic-word-for-music-inside-of-two-supplemental-unicode-repeat-symbols.txt , it displays fine:


Marking as a minor issue, but figured I would file it cause I was testing these things.


I've determined that it is not specifically end repeat glyph that is doing this...here is a coda symbol causing the same:


Even if I don't have any symbols after the arabic, the cursor is actually overlapping. (Note: the correct position for the cursor at the end of arabic text should be just left of the arabic text):

Screenshot (162).png

Now once I start typing regular english chars after the arabic, they english displays in correct position, but the cursor is still somehow messed up (notice that the cursor is always one character left of the rightmost character). Seems that the presence of the arabic anywhere in the line is causing that (note: starting a new line will have cursor correct). While it is not a big issue, the cursor should be to the right of the most recently inputted english character, or left of the most recently inputted arabic character:

Screenshot (163).png

Screenshot (164).png

Screenshot (165).png

Oh, and the textbox right boundaries are all off.