Crash When Extracting Parts

• May 25, 2009 - 22:58
S2 - Critical

This was mentioned in the bug reports but I am moving it to the issue Tracker.

At this time, I get a crash when ever I try to extract a part. "Runtime error".


I tried using a Flute as the laed sheet instrument instead of the 1 staff piano, thinking ithe problem might be instrument specific. I was able to successfully transpose and save a part 1 one higher.

But, again, when I load the original part and try to reformat aspects, I get a crash.

Hope this helps.

I reproduce it every time. And this feature is quite essential to me because I use MuseScore making Big Band Arrangements (20 parts) . I'm running MuseScore on Ubuntu Desktop 9.04 AMD 64. It's a crash where MuseScore desapears without any indication or warning.

Hope it helps


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It works for the Flute 1 ou 1+2, but it crshes with the baritone.
Never mind, I'll wait for the next release. So many scores to transcribe...
I think MuseScore is going to be a great free software.
How could-I help more ?

lolivier, you can create the baritone part with the prerelease. The best way to ensure the quality of the next version is to help test the prereleases and make sure it works for you and the specific ways you use MuseScore. For example the file you attached above does not open in the prereleases. I filed a bug report:

If you have coding skills that is probably where we need the most help right now, but there is lots of other ways to help: bug reports, forums, documentation, promoting, etc.