Create MSI installation package for Windows


Currently we deliver MuseScore on windows as a EXE installation package created via CPackn the packaging component of CMake and the interface they provide to NSIS, the open source installation package maker.

We had several users asking for a MSI package. In particular, it would make a lot easier to install MuseScore via a Group Policy and make administrators of school networks job easier.

CMake people are working on an integration between CPack and the WiX Toolset


Integration of Wix in CPack, the part of CMake in charge of packaging will be available in CMake 2.8.11, scheduled for the end of january 2013.

I tried a nightly build of Cmake 2.8.11. It works fine to create a simple MSI to just deploy the needed files and let the user choose the install directory. It lacks an easy way to add a shortcut on the desktop, in the start menu. It also lacks a way to associate MSCZ and MSCX files to MuseScore. The file can be modified to achieve this but it's not yet working for me.

Other open topics
- Launch MuseScore after install
- Uninstaller removes preferences

Status:active» fixed

Done for 1.3

Status:fixed» closed

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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