Shortcut that won't work

• Sep 27, 2012 - 03:27
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor
needs info

When I would use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A shortcut to select all similar items, it won't work.
I've also created Ctrl+Shift+A custom shortcut to select all similar items in same staff and it won't work either.

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I can't reproduce it either, but I have 2 possible explanations:

1. It could have sth to do with different keyboard layouts not working yet (qwertz/qwerty/azerty/... and also Win/Mac), check

2. Maybe another program already uses the same shortcut. For instance Dexpot (a tool for adding virtual desktops) seems to have a higher priority than MuseScore. So when I try to enter a new shortcut shift+strg+1 in MuseScore, Dexpot copies the MuseScore window to another desktop (because it is a shortcut there, too) and MuseScore never even receives the key combination.

Layout stretch
You can increase or decrease horizontal space between score elements (notes, rests, etc.) with this option. This provides a more precise control over the exact same measure spacing property as the menu commands or keyboard shortcuts for Increase/Decrease Stretch ({ and }), which are accessed outside of the Measure Properties dialog while a measure is selected.

These shortcuts do not work. (Linux - Swiss-Ger. Keyb.)

If your keyboard requires you to press Shift or some other key to access those keys, you will need to press that. If it still doesn't work, then you may simply need to customize these shortcuts to somethign that Linux and Qt are able to process for MuseScore better. We are at their mercy to report key codes to us. Yu can customize shortcuts via Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.