Clarinet sounds bad, if there is a silence after the note

• Oct 22, 2012 - 00:26
S4 - Minor

Clarinet sounds bad (it stops without any fading like with the flute -in example-) with soundfont, if there is a silence after the note. the really worst problem is that, if there is a silence after the clarinet's note, the clarinet's reverberation sounds in the following note played after the silence -even if it is not a note of the clarinet-. This is very annoying and obviously a bug.

I am using version 1.1 and the big soundfont of 128 mb (I think) that you can download from here.


Hi danuniversal

The latest version is 1.2, if you're able to upgrade.

The Issue Tracker now focuses on the upcoming version 2.0, so any future reports should be based on that - you could download a nightly build to check if the problem exists there. If you haven't already, please read this .

Thanks :).