Add custom / combined barline style

• Oct 28, 2012 - 22:26
S5 - Suggestion

Currently there's no way to mix double bar lines with repetition beginning bar. Either please provide a method to mix them or create new bar lines.


To me, that just looks like a bug in whatever notation program was used to create that example. Normally, a double bar concluding one phrase should *not* be visible if the next phrase starts with a repeat bar, unless the double bar ends one system and the repeat starts the next. So I wouldn't be in a hurry to copy the bugs of another program when reproducing this score. The standard followed by most publishers would be to just show the open repeat *without* the extra bar.

But that doesn't mean it wouldn't sometimes be nice to be able define one's own bar line styles.

The double bar is for ending a phrase and it could be put anywhere in the bar. I saw at least two pieces of printed music - by Oxford University Press - included these double bars in the middle of a bar. Please consider this in the next release. I would also suggest:
1. The playback of individual voices, so if a track has two voices, soprano and alto, one could select a voice to playback (or suppress the other voice, which ever is easier to implement).
2. When jumping to the next page, in note entering mode, pls make it so the software shows the last bar of the previous page (or the last part of it), to let user see what has been done before, and whether the entered note was accurately recorded or not. Just showing the new page, as the current implementation, forces the user to zoom out or go back, which is very annoying.
3. Desperately need a way to moving text around and re-attach words to different notes and yet still maintain the horizontal position on the same line. May be a text editor, or a lower level editor is required. Also allowing external text to be import into the music line. Format and control words need to be defined (ie. whitespace for word separation, hyphenation for word splits, underscore for extending word to a number of notes (each for a note)).
4. Facilities to allow changing text's font, format and size.
5. Update the content of palette with user's additions of symbols, such as 4/2, 3/2 etc...

Title Add double bar line mixed with repetition bars. Bordering barlines

I think I can confirm this. I hope the title is better?

1. Open attached score (produced in 1.3).
2. Drag 'Double barline' to bar 1.

Result: 'Start Repeat' in bar 2 is removed.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (d65c722) - Mac 10.7.5.

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But the repeat barline can get added again without the double barline disappearing.
Unless you also remove the page break and thus would have the double barline in the middle.

Title Bordering barlines Add custom / combined barline style

I think two issues are being confused here. The original issue was requesting a special barline combining attributes of both double bar and open repeat that could occur in the middle of a system (that's what the picture shows). What you now seem to be discussing is the ability to have an orindary double bar at the end of oine system and an ordinary double bar at the start of the next. That's already implemented - see #13723: Ability to set left barline of systems.

I've updated the title to reflect the original intent again but in a more general way.

Marc, did you mean this?: "the ability to have an orindary double bar at the end of one system and a Start Repeat at the start of the next."

Yes, sorry. The way this was implememted is not necessarily exactly how I'd have chosen, but it in any case, it does work, and it's not related to the original issue here.