Some objects don't appear correctly in Master Palette - Repeats

• Dec 25, 2012 - 02:47
S4 - Minor

The following objects don't appear correctly in the Repeats palette:

Segno Variation
Varied Coda

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (ddb0eba) - Mac 10.7.5.


Status (old) fixed needs info

I can't verify at the moment, but last time ( ~ three days ago build) I checked the Repeat palette inside the Master palette in 2.0 pre-release, it was showing this very same problem, even if the regular palette was showing everything Ok.

Can someone else confirm?

EDIT: Windows XP Professional SP3 (at the moment I can't verify which build I was using)

Title Some objects don't appear correctly in Repeats palette Some objects don't appear correctly in Master Palette - Repeats
Status (old) needs info active

Confirmed on Linux Mint 14.

The F9 palette is correct, but the Master Palette - Repeats shows alphabetic chars for some symbol:

'v' for Segno
'w' for Coda
'x' for Varied Coda
'w' for Codetta

The other symbols of this section of the Master Palette, included Segno Variation, are correct.


And looking at the SMuFL definitions and comparing with the corresponding qlyphs in 1.3 the qlyph names and code points are: Segno -> 'segno" (U+E046), Coda -> "coda" (U+E047), Coda Variation -> "codaSquare" (U+E048), Codetta -> "coda" + "coda" (2* U+E047). Not sure about Segno Variation, could be "segneoSerpent1" (U+E049)

Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)
With this they at least show up on the palette again, although Codetta doesn#t look quite right, possible better to have a special glyph for it rather then to use 2 Codas, and the sizes may not be right, esp. Segno Variation looks way too small, the Codas slightly too big

Ah, now I see why
Setting Y to 0 and Maßstab (Scale) to 1 fixes the size issue