Working directory not taken into account for Save As

• Jul 8, 2009 - 11:15
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

The default working directory in Edit > Preferences > Working directory is only taken into account when opening a score and not for Save As. Applies to all platforms.


The states of the "save as" and "save a copy" filedialog are saved on close event and restored at creation time.
But apparently, it's not working?

A code workaround could be to initialize them to "workingDirectory".

The states of the "save as" and "save a copy" file dialogs are saved within a session (as expected).

I believe this bug report is about the first time you open the Save As dialog (after a restart of MuseScore). On my computer (Windows XP) it always opens up to the My Documents folder (after a restart of MuseScore) even if I set the working folder to something else.

Alternatively you could save states across multiple sessions. I believe this is how Firefox behaves.

The same 'saveAs" and "saveCopy" dialog are used within a session. So obviously, they keep their content.

According to the code, states is saved and restored across multiple sessions. But it does not work (on windows and on mac, didn't test on Linux yet).

We can indeed set the working directory as the default on creation instead of relying on previous session.

Status (old) closed active

I don't think it is fixed.

My setup:ver. under Windows XP. But the same applies to Ubuntu and to trunk too.


  1. Start MuseScore
  2. open any score
  3. Select "Save as..." or "Save a copy..."

Result: a folder is proposed for saving which seems casual (under Windows it is the parent folder of the folder where MuseScore is installed for 0.9.6.x or the root of the disk where MuseScore is installed for trunk!).

Also, after the first Save or Save As of a session, the last used folder is remembered, but not across sessions.

Expected result: "Save as..." and "Save a copy..." should initially offer to save in the "Working Folder" set in Preferences (remembering across sessions is not important; I find it even disturbing).

Status (old) active fixed

I don't see a concensus or a problem here.
In MuseScore 1.0pre1 (and trunk as of r3889), Save as and save a copy are saved between sessions. It's stored in the preferences file so if you run MuseScore with -F, it will be erased.

By default, on first run, they are set to working directory. For me, this is fixed and work as design.

If we want to change the behavior, let's open another bug or a feature request.