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• Feb 11, 2013 - 16:42
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Since we are making the signed installer ( #15881: Sign the MuseScore installer ), let's improve the artwork as well. We need two images:
* 493 by 58 (horizontal)
* 493 by 312


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I consider the proposal of lasconic for the banner one to be the optimal and therefore I would not change it.
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I would say we shouldn't put any text in the banner. We have to think localized, meaning, only 40% of the people downloading MuseScore can probably read English. So just an artwork banner should do.

Do you mean the New Score Wizard? I don't see any graphics in it, only the "mu" logo.

What about (a slice of) the splash screen with no text but with the "mu" logo in white?


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Only problem with #19 is that it is using graphics from the splash screen from 1.2.

The splash screen fro 2.0 will be different.

Latest version of that looks like this


Incidentally it might be better to stick to just MuseScore 2 rather than include the increment. That will save having to re-render it every time there is an incremental update. The actual version number can appear in the text displayed on this banner

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Hey Michael,

Sorry, I didn't make this clear from the start. The artwork for the installer is meant for a 1.3 release, so re-using the 1.2 splash screen was the right move. Lasconic will communicate about this 1.3 release later this month.

For 2.0, we'll redo the whole exercise with a designer who has the skills and experience to create a consistent MuseScore house style, which works across all platforms.