Add capo support to tablature staff

• Mar 17, 2013 - 14:43
S5 - Suggestion


I have not looked at the details (yet), but the pull request quoted by Jojo-Schmitz seems to refer to chord symbols only, with no relation to TAB's.


just a note that (in my opinion) there should be a linkage between the "Play Transposition" staff property and capo support. Just as the "Play Transposition" property affects how notes are placed on a standard staff, I think it should have a similar effect on TAB fret numbers and possibly "capo text" markings.

here is a MS2.0Beta1 thread discussing this issue:

No recent addition of a capo feature; however, I recently made TAB staves able to deal with transposition; this may make implementing a Capo element simpler.

I'll share my opinion that the recent advance of TAB staves honoring the "play transposition" staff property is a very useful step forward, even without a dedicated "capo" element.

There are a few benefits of using "play transposition" as a means to describe the effect of a capo:

- "Play transposition" affects notes displayed on standard notation (pitched) staves as well as TAB staves
- Chord/Harmony features also take "play transposition" into account
- compatible with MS1.1 scores

The current feature set lacks a few items that have been discussed, but imho these are not showstoppers:

- While lacking a "CapoText" element, a simple staff text element can be used to show the capo position typographically
- Also lacking is dedicated handling for import/export of MusicXML capo elements.
- Since play transposition is a staff property, there is no facility to change a capo position measure-by-measure (am not sure how often this challenge would arise)

In summary, I think that with recent advancements, MS2 has "good enough" capo support and some of the gaps could be incrementally addressed in the future.

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Having read the various threads about capo support, I tend to agree with @mtherieau: for a tab staff, the staff property "play transposition" currently provides the exact behavior required for a (fixed-position) capo.

I propose to close this issue and solve #20513: [MusicXML] support capo element by exporting the play transposition as capo to MusicXML and vice versa. When importing Recordares tablature sample file, this results in correct behavior.