Drum Palette shortcut letters

• May 15, 2013 - 02:55
S5 - Suggestion

I set up a Drum Pallette for my TD-20
I would like to be able to use more letters for Shotrcut keys, so would like to request all Keyboard Keys, potentially as below

A -
B - Bass Drum
C - Crash
D - Crash 2
E - China
F - Splash
G -
H - Hi-Hat
I -
J -
K - Kick
L -
N -
O - Open Hi-Hat
P -
Q -
R - Ride
S - Snare
T - Snare Rim ShoT
U -
V -
W -
X -
Y -
Z -
1 - Tom 1
2 - Tom 2
3 - Tom 3
4 - Tom 4
5 - Tom 5
6 - Tom 6
7 -
8 -
9 -
0 -

Also an Openned Hi-Hat and Closed Hi-Hat with the o and + articulations would also be very useful.


I agree to this feature ! Actually, there are not enough letter/number availabled to create a shortcuts map that would improve entering drums scores.

I agree it would be good to have more shortcuts avaialable. A problem is that a number of the simple shortcuts are already used for other purposes. In particular, the number keys are how you set duration, Q and W modify duration, etc.

Oh, ok, and is it possible to create a kind of context shortcuts would work only when drum edition is active ?

I mean, for example, you have a score with a bass staff and a drum staff, clicking on the drum staff, then use "N" to enter edit mode, and while we are in this mode for drum staff, shortcut will only affect drum staff ?

Not sure my idea is clearly exposed, but I hope so...

It's surely possible, and we definitely do that sort of thing already for tab note input, also shortcuts that work different in text edit mode etc. But "N" is a pefect example of a shortcut that should *not* work differently in one note input mode from another. For people who don't primarily enter drum music but enter some of it, having well-established shortcuts we use every day like "N" fail to work as expected just because the staff the cursor is on happens to be a percussion staff would be very poor usability.

Oh, yes, of course, you're right :-)

I guess some shortcuts couldn't be used, but as you mentionned for gutiar TABs, perhaps a kind of improvement could be done by adding some possibilities for the drums.