Runs from installer but crashes on startup without report window

• May 27, 2013 - 14:35
S2 - Critical

Version: 1.3, operationg system: Windows 7, Installer: "MuseScore-1.3.exe (no version information, certificate 12 e4 87 6f e5 91 3a 86 71 e2 64 ec 89 a0 22 36)

MuseScore runs without fault, for days, when the "Run MuseScore 1.3" checkbox is ticked from the installer.

MuseScore crashes on startup without report window once closed or if above checkbox is not ticked in installer.

On the bright side uninstall/intsall takes less time and effort than launching some programes which I use. The program is therefore usable.

I wonder why nobody else has reported this, is it because they give up when they discover the problem (perhaps it is only new users, and not upgrading users), or is it because the problem is just mine.

I have, of course, tried rebooting and triying again.

Other than this problem quite a cool program, I did two scores before I closed the program and discoverd this problem.



Thank you for your prompt reply.

I know it crashes because Task Manager / Processes does not show mscore.exe as being running.

It works beautifully when launched by the installer.

After being closed, or when intalled without being launched, it runs breifly (as indicated by the wait symbol) then crashes (as indicated by not being in the process list of Task Manager).

I have another Windows 7 machine which I can try it on when I get home in about 12 hours

Thank you for your help.



MuseScore ran correctly on the other computer.

The computer with a problem is a Compaq CQ61-406TU.

The other computer I just tried is a Compaq CQ61-314TU.

The two computer are almost identical the first being the relacement model for the second. The first was purchased about 3 years ago, the second was purchased about 3.5 years ago.

The major difference between the two is that the first is loaded with lots of software whereas the second (correctly working computer) has been restored to factory with as much software as was not needed removed (office, etc) and only Firefox and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE, Microsofts virus scan software) installed.

The second (clean) computer was being readied for installing Debian on a partition, with the option of booting to windows.

The interesting thing about this bug, from my perspective, is that the program runs perfectly when launched from the installer. What is the difference between launching from the installer and launching from the start menu? (retorical)

Iasconic, if you have usable debug tools for Windows and can point me to them I will install them and see if the problem is reproducable in the debuger.

None of us know how many people are effected by this bug.

Otherwise, perhaps I need to use MuseScore on the other computer, either in Windows or Debian.


Title Runs from installer but won't crashes on startup without report window Runs from installer but crashes on startup without report window

Indeed none of us knows, but I'm reading every single post on the forum and the issue tracker and never read anything like this. Anyway, it's great if you can investigate.
I'm not sure what the difference could be between running it from the installer or not. Did you run the installer as an admin? how did you try to run MuseScore when it crashed? from the start menu, desktop shortcut? does it crash if you run it from the command line?


No none of the times I have run the installer did I do it as admin. I was using an account with admin rights but, as you know, in Windows 7 you have to explicitly ask to run a programme as Administrator. However, I am fairly sure that installers ask for admin rights themselves which is why a dialogue box comes up asking you to confirm that you want to run the installer.

Thanks to your question I tried runnig MuseScore as Administrator. It runs. I checked that it still won't run if I don't run it as Administrator and it doesn't.

This seems to answer why it runs from the installer but not afterwards. The installer has admin rights so it runs, afterwards unless I specifically ask to run it as admin it doesn't run.

The answer to your other questions are:

1. from the Start Menu.

2. No, I didn't install a desktop shortcut (I will try this and see if it makes a difference).

3. No, it doesn't run from the command line.

This is good, we are much closer to identifying this bug. When I write bug, the problem is probably with my system, the bug is that the programme exits without providing a dialogue box explaining why.

Is there a log which the programme could be writing the reason for exiting to rather than providing a dialogue box?

Sorry about the delay getting back to you, I spilled some beer on my keyboard last night and even though I dried it out and it worked in the morning, it progressively failed this morning (Australia time) just as I was writing to you. I have now replaced it with one from a similar laptop which died.

I have checked the permissions on the AppData/Local/Muse directory and its subdirectories and they all seem correct.

Any Ideas?

Thank you for your assistance. It is a pleasure working with you.



Some more digging.

The MSI install does the same thing.

The portable version works correctly.

Installing a Desktop Shortcut makes no difference, and it doesn't run from the desktop shortcut.

I'm getting to the stage where I want to build it. Does the windows build also build the installers?


Yes it does. If you have NSIS installed, the installer is built with make -f Makefile.mingw package.
Do you install MuseScore in the default path? there is probably something different in the way the user accounts are setup on your non working computer.


Yes everything in the install is default except that I uncheck "Install Desktop Shortcut", however I tried installing it with the desktop shortcut and the same thing happened.

Clearly the two computers are different and there is probably a problem with the non-working computer, although I haven't had any problem installing any other software.

Cool, I just looked up the programming language and it is C++ (my favorite).

The only problem with the programme is quite possibly that it doesn't report why it is closing to allow the user to correct what ever the problem is.

I would like to work out what the problem is before I rebuild the computer it doesn't work on(which it is due for, that is why I had a fresh computer ready to try the programme on).

Quite frankly I think MuseScore is excellent and would like to track down this bug as my contribution to the project (particularly now I know it is C++).

Hopefully if I just build the programme it will exhibit the same behaviour and it is just an un-handled exception.

Thank you again for your time and help.


Status (old) needs info closed

I think this was a report for 1.3, so I close this.

If you encounter problems with a nightly build (or perhaps something else), please post.