Actual notes are changed if transposition properties are changed with Concert Pitch off

• Jul 3, 2013 - 09:43
S2 - Critical

1- Create new score for Bb Trumpet in C major (actual key). Initial key signature for the generated score (for this transposing instrument) is D major (2 sharps).
2- Insert four 1/4 notes in the first measure: D E F(by default it is inserted as F#) G.
3- WITHOUT entering in Concert Pitch mode, right-click on an empty measure and choose "Staff Properties...".
4- Set "Play transposition" to "0 - Perfect Unison" ( + octave 0) and click OK.
Results: the written notes remain the same even if the transposing properties have changed; the actual notes ("Concert Pitch" on) have changed and thus during playback the notes sound a tone higher than before.

If the same steps are performed with "Concert Pitch" in "on" mode, the transposition behaves as expected, i.e. actual notes remains the same (with right playback) and written notes for the transposing instrument ("Concert Pitch" off) change accordingly to the new transposing properties.

Notes: this problem also applies if "Change Instrument" to a different transposing instrument is chosen.
Keep in mind also issue (possibly solved?) #6281: Instrument change undo, transposes twice (I noticed this behavior while trying to reproduce the issue with the most recent Nightly).

Nightly Build rev. 0e89256, Windows 8.

Marked as critical because notes are automatically changed to the wrong actual pitch, even if a work-around does exist (= transpose the staff).


Status (old) duplicate active

Re-opening after #15487: Instrument changes does not affect transposition (and crashes on reload) was marked as a duplicate of #9352: Add ability to set transposition by range.
As said in the comment, this is a "global" adjustment of transposition for the whole staff.
In 1.3, for example, I could transcribe an exisiting part for one instrument and then change the transposing properties to have the part for a different instrument and the pitch automatically adjusted (for example, switching from Eb horn to F horn).
Moreover, as explained in this bug report, if the above steps are performed in a certain order, the actual notes are changed, thus "corrupting" the score.

Please close this again if you think it is actually a real duplicate of #9352: Add ability to set transposition by range.