Notes displayed in wrong octave after change of transposition

• May 21, 2014 - 01:39
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I looked around and don't think this bug was similarly reported.

I have a score with one clarinet staff. I change the instrument from Clarinet to Alto saxophone. If we look at the notes in concert mode, all seem fine, but if we switch to normal mode (concert mode off), some of the notes are drawn one octave higher (but the sound is correct).

Steps to reproduce :
1. Open attached score
2. Right click on the Clarinet instrument to change the staff properties.
3. Change instrument to Alto saxophone and click OK
4. Toggle Concert mode to see some note shown really high on the staff

GIT commit: 3543170

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BTW, that's a really old build, and transposition has changed quite a bit since then. Scores for transposing instruments built in older builds are no longer likely to work. But this issue can be recreated from scratch as follows:

1) new score for clarinet, key of C, 4/4
2) make sure concert pitch is off
3) enter quarter notes A B C D
4) right click staff
5) change instrument to Alto Saxophone

Result: first two notes are an octave too high

It is also the case that the notes should probably have transposed but didn't - they still display as A B C D, even though concert pitch is off. This is already reported as #21744: Actual notes are changed if transposition properties are changed with Concert Pitch off.

Title Notes displayed in wrong octave after Notes displayed in wrong octave after change of transposition with concert pitch off
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Title Notes displayed in wrong octave after change of transposition with concert pitch off Notes displayed in wrong octave after change of transposition

Even if you turn concert pitch on before the instrument change, you still get the octave error.

1) new score for clarinet, C major, 4/4
2) enter A B C D
3) turn concert pitch off
4) staff properties, change instrument to alto sax
5) turn concert pitch back on

Result: first two notes display an octave too high.

Transposition is incorrect, too - notes are still A B C D as they were for clarinet.

Thanks for validating this issue.
Btw, I'm surprised with your comment about my "old build", I just rebased it and my local build should be up-to-date (following the workflow instructions ). Could simply the version number be wrong?

The problem happens with other instruments too. But for the banjo (for example), it's a different note that gets screwed up. Might be related to the tonality of the instruments. C instruments all seems to get the sames notes wrong, but different than Eb instruments.

BTW, thanks Jojo-Schmitz for the hook information. I didn't have it installed. Now the revision number is fine.

For the banjo, I think this is due to an initial error in editing strings.
As you can see, the tune displayed by default in MuseScore is G5-D3-G3-B3-D4.
banjo erreur.jpg

However, the G5 (the higher drone string) is false. This is a G4
So good series is G4-D3-G3-B3-D4.
Confirm this excerpt from an article by Wiki.
wiki accord banjo.jpg

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Status (old) fixed active

Not completely solved.
1- Open attached score (or from scratch, create a score for Bb trumpet, C major key and enter D E F G A B C D with Concert Pitch OFF);
2- Right-click on staff, staff properties, change instrument to flute.
(The key is not transposed, as Werner already said) The notes in the second measure are wrong and corrupted: if you click one an repeatedly press up (or down) key, the note continues to jump in different octaves.

Linux Mint 13, f87cb01 (self-built)

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