Beam of small notes not small

• Oct 28, 2013 - 10:26

1. Open attached score (produced in 1.3).

Expected result:

Beam of small notes not small (Expected result).png

Actual result:

Beam of small notes not small (Actual result).png

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (6df1e21) - Mac 10.7.5.

(Thanks to Daniel .)


Whilst I can't find examples of mixed notes in a beam, I would say that the latter should be small only if all notes in the beam are small - examples in pages 449 and 450 of 'Behind Bars' seem to reflect this.

Status (old) active duplicate

if your intent is to make everything in a chord small, you need to make the chord small. The whole reason there are separate note and chord properties is to allow things to be set independently. Setting note properties should not affect chord properties. Of course, beams are neither note nor chord properties per sde, but they are associated with the chord and not the note. So changing note properties should never affect beams. Changing chord properties potentially should, but don't. So I'm closing this as a duplicate of #23137: Beam of small chord aren't small.