Staves from #18 and beyond won't export into MIDI

• Dec 12, 2013 - 21:54
S4 - Minor

If there are too many staves in a score, then those from #18 (zero-indexed) and beyond will not export into MIDI.
Revision: c67a0ae
To Reproduce:
Create a score with 19 or more staves.
Insert a note onto the last staff.
Export everything to a MIDI sequence.
Expected: The note is there.
Actual: The note is not there.


Just so you know, there are over 1000 outstanding issues. It's a question of time and priorities. Most issues don't get fixed within a week. And so you know, since the primary purpose of MuseScore is notation and not playback or MIDI, issues involving notation pretty much always get more attention.

This is a pretty major issue, though, since some scores will have more than 18 staves, and the bug might mislead those who rely on the playback to figure out how they would sound.

Right, and I'd agree that if they didn't playback at all, this would be more significant. Which isn't to say it won't be fixed anyhow - I have no insight or say into that. Did you check to see if this worked in 1.3? Regressions are probably prioritized a bit more highly.

From what I understand, the staves beyond #18 will not play (the score is too long to play properly).
The reason this is important is to check if the notes are correct or not.
Split the large score into smaller pieces and then you can check them aurally.

They can be individually dumped to MIDI. My understanding is that this was to check accuracy, as per comment #4. If the reason is to have the whole thing as a MIDI file, my comment is not applicable.